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Thanksgiving at Our House


Thanksgiving at our house was lots of work.  I was attempting to get hubs to agree to a healthy menu.  No sugar – gluten – dairy….but he put his foot down and cooked up the traditional suspects.  Thanksgiving at my house | Miami Blogger Thanksgiving Recap (more…)

2016 Black Friday Deals To Be Thankful For


It’s that magical time of year where we kill each other over the perfect gifts.  Here are my favorite 2016 Black Friday deal to be thankful for this season.  These are my HONEST favorites.  No, I didn’t just choose the most expensive items that would look good on my post.  These are the things I love all year long.  So enjoy my picks and if I don’t see you, HAPPY TURKEY DAY!2016 Black Friday Deals To Be Thankful For (more…)

The Perfect Gift Try The World Michelin Box


Today’s addition to the 2016 gift guide is my favorite.  The perfect gift, Try The World Michelin Box.  It’s a limited time special addition box just in time for the holidays.  Try The World Michelin BoxTry The World regularly uses Michelin chefs to curate their wonderful boxes.  This box is a mix of the favorite items of Michelin chef, Thomas Raquel of the 3 Michelin star Le Bernardin in New You.  He shares some of his favorite holiday recipes.  Talk about the perfect gift!  Try The World Michelin BoxLittle monster usually does the honors of opening the box with me, but she fell and had a HUGE bruise on her face when I did the photos.  It’s all better now, but it would have been too distracting from the goodness in this box.  So hubs quickly used it as an opportunity to get first bites.  Try The World Michelin Box (more…)

Halloween and Fall In Miami


Halloween and Fall in Miami is something unique.  First, it can easily be 90 degrees or more.  So you can forget your sweater.  Though some of us are sweating with sweaters on by our (half melted) pumpkin patches attempting holiday photos.  
Doc Mc Stuffins Halloween and Fall in Miami (more…)

Budget Bathroom Makeover with Giani GIVEAWAY


Today I’m super excited to share what we did with our (GROSS) second/guest bathroom. We did a budget bathroom makeover and I went ahead and did a full price and product breakdown. Check out the bottom of the post for an awesome giveaway from Giani to resurface your bathroom vanity and countertop.
Budget Bathroom Makeover Giani GiveawayStraight to the budget, it was about $1,849 in total.  I got really good deals on everything and some items I was able to find on sale or cheaper at TJMaxx or at stores.  So do you’re due diligence and hunt for bargains. (more…)