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Try The World Holiday Box Review


Try The World this holiday, here’s my detailed Try The World Holiday box review.

So now that the madness of Black Friday is almost behind us and we are …. well just about to head into Cyber Monday, I bet there is someone you’re just not having a good time finding the perfect gift for.  Why not give them the world?  With Try The World boxes of awesome you totally can and it’s delicious!  Try The World Holiday Box ReviewSo let’s open this box shall we?

Try The World Box Review

Try The World Holiday Box ReviewTry The World ReviewTry The World ReviewThe holiday box is a great place to start because it’s all about sweets from around the world.  Yes please!  There is an enclosed description of each items and a little history behind it and where it’s made.

I decided to have my favorite little critic help me out on this one.  We had a blast sampling all the goodness.  Try The World ReviewThis is my little munchkin patiently waiting for her promised goodies.Try The World ReviewTry The World ReviewWe started our tour of noms with a Panettone from Italy.  This sweet bread from Milan is marked with a cross by the head of the house, when made at home, as a good omen for the coming year.  It was a hit with us!Try The World ReviewThen we moved on to the delicious cookies, Orientines from Morocco.  These are perfect for tea let me say.  I used these to drink my tea after our taste testing.Try The World ReviewThese little Ginger Snaps from Sweden were my little ladies’ favorites.  She kept coming back to these.  Hey I’m a fan of ginger. so I was happy about it.  Try The World ReviewTry The World ReviewNext up was what she was waiting for….one of the chocolate truffles, the French Truffles, from Canada.  Truffette de France started in France, but these babies were so popular they expanded to Quebec.  Babes wanted to be fancy and opted to eat hers with a spoon.Try The World ReviewTry The World ReviewTry The World ReviewTry The World ReviewThis concludes little monster’s nom adventure.  By this time she was hell bent on more truffles, so I offered her the ginger snaps instead and she accepted my compromise and ran off with them.

I then went for the tea to brew it up!  The Organic Yerba Mate Tea from Teatonics in the UK.  This tea is made with energizing yerba mate, citrus, and rosehip.

LifeON Tea Tumbler and Infuser

I used my fancy smancy LifeON Tea Tumbler and Infuser.  This double walled glass tumbler is what your tea loving dreams are made of, if I may just say.  If you love tea, you need this.  Also you need something to get the perfect temp of the water before you brew it.  This tea needed a temperature of 176 degrees F.  I get the water temperature just right using one of these cooking thermometers.    Try The World ReviewLifeON Tea Tumbler ReviewLifeON Tea Tumbler Review LifeON Tea Tumbler Review All in all it was a fabulous tour of the world in so many fantastic tastes. I didn’t even get into all of them with you, but you’ll just have to try them for yourself.  I would LOVE this, even my toddler loves it.  Usually boxes only contain foods from just one location.  Each month is totally different.  You are guaranteed to learn something and try something new.  You might just try something that becomes your favorite food ever!  So why not give the world this holiday?  To someone you love or yourself.  Just be sure to share it!  That’s the fun part!

Get 15% for a limited time by using this code (shout out to Try The World for the code!)  PersianKittyKat15

Try The World

To find my awesome tea tumbler check it out HERE.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Fall Burgundy Sweater Hoodie


Today’s look features this soft and adorable perfect for Fall burgundy sweater hoodie. Perfect to feel cozy on a Fall day. Here in Miami, Fall hasn’t happened yet, but it’s been dark and cloudy enough to pull it off paired with my black Coach rain boots. Seconds after these images were taken, down came the rain. When I say soft, I mean soft. That’s the best part of this sweater. That and it’s light enough for Miami when we are going to get our first cold snap of the season. It’s going to be a freezing 67 degrees on Monday! Can you imagine?! They might just cancel work and school for everyone it’s going to be so cold.
Fall burgundy sweater hoodie
While I do feel bad for those actually freezing, this is the one time of year I enjoy the weather in Miami. It’s just about to get gorgeous. Soon family from up North will be driving and flying down to enjoy it along with us. A light Fall look may just be perfect for the slight breeze we’ll be feeling around Christmas too.Shop Today!
Fall burgundy sweater hoodie Fall burgundy sweater hoodie

Lob by Hair By Roxy Foxy

This is also the first blog post featuring my NEW HAIR!  YASSSSSSS!  It’s a lob almost bob.  I’m slowly blending out the blonde with dark lowlights.  Big thanks to the fabulous Roxy Foxy (FB | Instagram)in Pinecrest for the fab color and cut.  She’s the best.  That’s why I have to plan way ahead of time to get an appointment with this hot mama.  Fall burgundy sweater hoodie

Fall Hoodie

Heads up the Necessary Clothing Fall Hoodie is on SALE now so you may want to jump on over there before it’s gone.  At less than $18 it’s so worth it.  Trust me this is soft and cozy to the extreme.

Get Your Rain Boots Girls

I’m talking to you Miami girls that have resisted good rain boots this long.  Now is the time to splurge.  Slap them on your holiday shopping list.  These are a must for Miami year round now.

The Great Holiday Guest Prep List


In just a few more days travel will begin and guests will be flying in to many of our homes and vice versa. So I came up with The Great Holiday Guest Prep List to make sure we have everything we need in the guest room and beyond!

Let’s Start With The Guest Room…

The Guest Room Check List

The Great Holiday Guest Prep List

A place for everyone to sleep.

If your home is small it may be time to invest in a pull out sofa or a really nice blow up bed. We also have a Tri Fold Foam Bed that guests always say is very comfortable and folds up easily for storage. Do your best to not offer guests a broken or worn out bed. It can be tempting to keep an old mattress or bed past it’s prime in the guest room, but that will make for very cranky guests.

Clean Sheets.

Time to make sure extra sheets and comforters are clean and without stains or holes. If they need to be replaced now is the time to pick some up. Nothing fancy needed as long as they look clean.

Somewhere for guests to hang and store clothing and shoes.

This one can be really hard in small spaces. So if you cannot clear out closet space and drawers be sure to get something like this or this that you can break down and store after they are gone.

Hangers are a must!

Once you found some clothes hanging space, stock up on a few extra hangers for guests.

Luggage Rack.

If you don’t have a big space to put luggage on, it may be a good idea to invest in a luggage rack. It’s not nice to make guest open luggage on the floor or put dirty luggage on the bed or place they are going to sleep. This one is nice and affordable. If you want them to open luggage on the bed, put a thick throw or fabric at the lower foot of the bed to save your sheets and comforter from getting messed up. Think of what most hotels use.

Empty surfaces.

Guests will need some empty surfaces to put their things like jewelry, medicine, makeup, etc. Get some nice trays to keep their items together and help avoid them falling behind furniture.

Night light.

Be sure guests have an optional night light to navigate your home at night to find the bathroom. Also important for guests with children who may be afraid of the dark. Or ME, lol, if I ever come visit.

Towels, your guest will need them to shower and maybe even a wash cloth.

Best to get a nice clean white (can be super bleached) towel set and have them ready for your guest. Most people end up having to search the linen closet and end up finding old, stained, or tattered towels. Show your guests you want them to feel comfortable.

You’re going to need some baskets.

Beautiful decorative baskets are a great way to organize smaller guest items like toiletries. You can also fold the towels and place them neatly in a basket. Be sure you measure the precise size of the table top you will be placing them on before you head to the store. You could also neatly lay baskets on the food of the bed as a welcome basket.

Snacks and Water.

Guests may not feel comfortable foraging for food at night if they are hungry. Have a few protein bars and healthy snacks to hold them over. Be sure to add a few bottles of water or a carafe of ice water. They might not have eaten or had enough to drink during travel. Not having to bother you for a snack and drink will be greatly appreciated.

Other Areas to Prep For Holiday Guests

Kitchen: Be sure to make sure there is enough food in the kitchen to handle the extra load of people. Are there enough eggs for breakfast? What about milk?
Parking: Work out where they can park if they are driving or renting a car. Have a spaced pick out for them and give them a heads up.
Key and Entry: If your guests may want to venture out without you have a spare key, keyring, and anything else they may need to know to get into the property. Think alarm codes and garage or gate openers.

Full disclosure, I wasn’t always concerned with the comfort of guests. However, after traveling extensively and being a guest so many time, I will say that it does not go unnoticed each little gesture your hosts makes. It truly is a wonderful feeling when the details are taken care of, and you don’t have to feel you are imposing. “Do you have any extra towels?” “May I have some water?” Nope, it’s already been taken care of and everything is ready for you.

I’m making a solid effort to make guests feel comfortable, welcome, and happy. Let’s all have a happy holiday…together.

Fall Little Black Dress


Today’s look is the perfect Fall little black dress. This Necessary Clothing find is a total win! Black lacy details and nude lining make this dress the perfect sexy Fall go-to. LACE TALK ABOUT IT MINI MESH DRESS | Fall Little Black Dress
Shop Today!LACE TALK ABOUT IT MINI MESH DRESS  Fall Little Black Dress
The LACE TALK ABOUT IT MINI MESH DRESS is a STEAL at less than $35! What?! You gotta get this dress before it’s gone. LACE TALK ABOUT IT MINI MESH DRESS  Fall Little Black DressThe fit is sexy tight but has some stretch to comfortably accommodate curves. I’m wearing a Small. LACE TALK ABOUT IT MINI MESH DRESS  Fall Little Black DressLACE TALK ABOUT IT MINI MESH DRESS  Fall Little Black DressMiami has been a wet and rainy nightmare lately. This shoot was done very quickly in between too very strong showers. The humidity is thick in Florida and to be honest, we are totally missing out on any bit of Fall weather. It’s just Summer/Rainy Season extended. Think 90s and very upper 80s with 100% humidity.

This dress is still a great choice for “Fall” in Miami since it’s short, breathable sleeves and sexy. Husband quickly took the images for me and was very impressed by the dress. It looks at least $200 and for less than $35 it won’t be long until it’s sold out. Love love love Loooooove this one.

I had to bust out the little black heels to seal the deal on this look. I’m not a heels person, but dress calls for them. In colder weather you can easily pair this dress with tights and booties.

I also wanted to mention some epic news…we are going to start remodeling the master bathroom next year! Yeeesssss!!! We originally rented this home before we purchased it and it was destroyed by previous renters. The bath tub in the master was full of holes, clogged up, and super rusted. The fixtures are all broken off, the vanity cabinet has COLLAPSED. Not to mention it’s an ugly yellow and beige color palette. So this is going to be a huge change. More posts to come on the bath remodel. xo

10 Ways To Tell Your Cat, I Love You – Guest Post By Mimi My Persian Cat


Today we have a very special blog post. It’s from my fierce and fabulous Persian cat Miami. She is sick and tired of all the dumb articles on cats trying to kill your or how they tell you they love you. Now it’s time you learned 10 Ways To Tell Your Cat, I Love You. Because it’s not all about you. It’s all about THEM. 😉
10 Ways To Tell Your Cat I Love You Guest Post By Mimi My Persian Cat
Take it away Mimi!

1. Make Sure Their Bowl Is FULL

And I don’t mean just with some food in their, but look out for more food on the sides and less in the middle. To a cat this is highly disrespectful. We can only get to what in the dead middle of the bowl. Be kind, to feline kind.
10 ways to show your cat love

2. Give Us A Place To Sharpen Our Claws

We have to do this. It’s how we keep them nice and not too long. My human let’s me go at it on the baseboards. They are relatively cheap and easy to replace and it keeps me away from her expensive furniture. My bestie likes to use this one rug and his human let’s him have at it in exchange for also staying away from the furniture. It’s all about compromises. Remember nothing you buy at the store made for this purpose will every please us, so don’t bother.

3. Make Sure We Are Brushed

Especially long haired cats need extra attention. It might be inconvenient to you, but would you rather us hacking up hairballs on all your nice things? You know we have been breed with your maintenance of us in mind. We can’t do this ourselves. Make sure you don’t miss a spot. If we can’t stand for a full brushing session, just give us breaks. Sometimes it can get annoying.

4. Let Us Love You Even If It Hurts

We understand you are weak and hate our massages (clawing). However, pushing us away during our bestowing of affections towards you is just rude. Breath through the pain.

5. Kiss Us Back

We don’t like to kiss like humans. But when we do kiss, it is only polite to kiss us back. When we kiss we just stare at you calmly and slowly blink. To kiss us back just do the same in response. It’s not that hard.
10 ways to love your cat

6. We’ll Sleep Where We Want

Some of us like to be all up on you to nap, others prefer to sleep just below your feet while you’re in bed. Another choice spot is blocking you from whatever it is you’re doing other than brushing or petting us. On the computer? Doing homework? Suddenly we will have an extreme urge to block your view. It just means we think it is time you took a break and fed us. Don’t buy us a cat bed, we don’t take orders.

7. We Need To Be Up High To Feel Safe

Give us some areas we can be up high. We like to have a clear view of the room from above if we are uncomfortable or scared. It makes of feel in control of our surroundings. This may mean you’ll have to clean your dinning table before you eat on it. If you don’t want us on your precious table, make sure we have some high areas we are allowed to get up on that give us a great view. Either way we go up where we want when you’re not home.

8. Play With Us

We need to play just like any dog does. We can get fat and unhappy if we don’t. Show us you love us by letting us get a little crazy and tired. We love to hunt then nap. Give us some fun with you to look forward to for at least 20 minutes a day. You know you need some exercise too you lazy human.
10 ways to make kitty happy

9. Give Us Greens

We like that cat grass stuff and catnip. Make sure we get some a few times a month. First, we need cat grass for digestion and hairballs and second…who doesn’t love how adorable we get when we are playing in catnip. Just don’t give us too much catnip too often. We like to keep it special.

10. Be On Top Of The Litter Box

You know what really pisses us off? When you get lazy with the litter box cleanings. It’s not like we choose to use one. We are not into the smell of our own excrement. We prefer it be cleaned after each use, but at least scoop it once a day and do a full cleaning once a week. If you let it go we’ll just start casually “missing” or use the insides of your shoes.

This has been a public service announcement from Mimi, the Persian cat. Next time I have something to say I’ll come back and let you know on my human’s blog. I’m sure it will be riveting.

My Dr Jhonny Salomon Med Spa Review


Recently I experienced some much needed pampering at Dr Jhonny Salomon Med Spa. It took a while, but I finally sat down to write about it! I’ll be going into detail on the specific treatments and products in my Dr Jhonny Salomon Med Spa Review.
Dr Jhonny Salomon Med Spa Review
Let’s begin!

First, I wanted to mention that Dr Jhonny Salomon has a Plastic Surgery & Med Spa at this Coral Gables location. I’m just going to focus my review on the Med Spa since I’ve never had any plastic surgery and didn’t really go near that area of this pretty large location.


6705 Red Road, Suite 708
Miami, FL 33143
It’s in the same location as the Whole Foods and parking is free so that’s nice and convenient. It was very modern and white with some whimsical art and decor. Dr Jhonny Med Spa waiting area | Coral Gables Med Spa
Dr Jhonny is an avid art lover as you can see with his wide collection of art work and own personal photography from his travels. His taste in art is splashed all over to add his personality to the white and modern space.
Dr Jhonny Med Spa waiting area
Dr Jhonny Med Spa waiting area | Coral Gables Med Spa Waiting room between treatments
The between treatments waiting area in the space is comfortable with refreshments and light snacks. Many art, art books, and informational reading options are laid out.

Spa Products

Dr Jhonny Med Spa Coral Gables SkinCeuticalsDr Jhonny Med Spa Coral Gables SkinCeuticalsDr Jhonny Med Spa uses SkinCeuticals professional line of products. If you haven’t heard of them, they are pretty much the top of the line in skin care. Their serums have a cult following to say the least. Now I’ve used them before and already love them, so the products from the line that were recommended for my individual skin type (hormonal acne and dry) are as follows:
SkinCeuticals LHA Cleansing Gel
great for oily or problematic skin
This is a great cleanser, I would personally avoid the eye area.
SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF
Broad range antioxidant treatment combining 2% Phloretin, 10% L-Ascorbic Acid, and .5% Ferulic Acid
Use only 4-5 drops in the AM only
SkinCeuticals PHYTO +
Botaical Gel for Hyperpigmentation
Great for putting on any discoloration or spots! This is a true winner, winner, chicken dinner for me.
SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense Sunscreen SPF 50
UVA/UVB Protective Fluid to enhance natural skin tone. Water resistant (40 minutes), Paraban Free, Chemical-Filter Free Universal Tint.
So this sunscreen has a bit of tint but seems to blend fairly well with most skin tones. Even my medium olive skin.
SkinCeuticals Antioxidant Lip Repair
Restorative Treatment for Damaged or Aging Lips
Now this one is surprisingly awesome. Be sure to only use twice a day as it is a treatment and not a moisturizer. Using it more will not be beneficial. The facialist warned me about exactly what would happen, but I forgot so just don’t do it.

Eclat Medical Spa Products

Dr Jhonny Med Spa Eclat facial productsDr Jhonny Med Spa Eclat facial products
This line is a medical line, so you’ll probably have to come see Dr Jhonny at that med spa to get these.
They are as follows:
Clarifying Cleanser
Removes makeup and gives skin clarity. Formulated with Aloe, grapefruit essential oil scented, and contains Green Tea, Azelaic Acid, Willow Bark, Sugarcane, and Lemon
Rejuvenating Serum
Combines Glycolic Acid, Retnol to diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and enlarged pores.
Tretinoin .1%
Prescription strength chemical exfoliant to treat environmental damage, reduce find lines, wrinkles, large pores and slow the aging process. It is infused with Vitamin E and Vitamin C to sooth and further enrich the skin.
I think of it as Retin-A only gentle.
Vitamin C Gel 20%
Antioxidant, rebuilds collagen, provides antioxidant protection against photo-aging.
Illuminating Cream
Targets age spots and scars. Combines Hydroquinone, a prescription strength topical that reduces melanin production, along with natural Kojic Acid, Azelaic Acid, and Licorice Root.
Eclat Peel
Improves discoloration, sun damage, acne, enlarged pores, fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin texture. Combines TCA, Vitamin C, Tretinoic Acid, Phenol to accelerate cell renewal and stimulate collagen.

Hydro Facial

This facial is beneficial for all skin types. Think of it as a microdermabrasion with water that is more gentle, yet effective. It’s a 50 minute treatment that is individualized to your skin needs.

This is a very comfortable facial treatment and everything is done using their state of the art machine. From placing the right amount of product to the skin, to suction extractions, and the gentle scrubbing.

Since I needed only minimal extractions (trust me that’s not common) I had time for LED light therapy. Yay! The blue light is great for killing bacteria while the red is great for stimulating anti-aging effects.

I should probably throw in that I am a facialist, so knowing what I know I’m often very disappointed after a facial. In fact most facials are just terrible. This was a completely wonderful experience that I can comfortably recommended to even the pickiest facial snob, myself included. Your skin will look better and feel so much smoother after.

Laser Hair Removal

OK so my experiences with laser hair removal have ALL BEEN TERRIBLE. I’ll just toss that out there. Most don’t feel like anything and also don’t DO anything. Then you find one that does something, but it’s just too damn painful to tolerate. I’ve been getting laser from one place with several machines for over 2 years before the new machine made it too painful to continue.

This was thankfully different. It was painful, but even my weakling self could stand it. It was a sharp and fast burn. After it was done, it was DONE. But I wasn’t dying of fear between each zap. I have a Tria home laser hair removal system and that works, but unfortunately it sits covered in dust because I’ too damn scared of it to actually harm myself in that way.

Myer’s Cocktail

The Myer’s Cocktail is around $150 and injected via IV by a Physician Assistant. The Myer’s Cocktail is the colloquial name for an intravenous nutrient mixture invented by Baltimore physician John Myers containing magnesium, calcium, various B vitamins and vitamin C that is promoted as an alternative treatment for a broad range of conditions. Dr Jhonny’s Med Spa can customize this cocktail for the individuals needs by adding different vitamins and minerals. This is also a procedure routinely done on his plastic surgery patients to prepare for and help recover from surgery.

Unfortunately for me, my veins were hiding out and after trying a few times the PA decided it was best to give up and do a vitamin shot instead. But this is something I experience commonly, so I wouldn’t guess this to be common. The PA was shocked when as I previously told her my body immediately pushes out needles. This is a hyper active defense mechanism in my body. Much like a splinter is pushed out eventually by the body, my body just does this very quickly and with alarming force. You should have seen my arms after my csection. It was a war zone! lol

The shot was full of B vitamins and also beneficial. This shot can give you a lot of energy and that’s why some like to use it for weight loss. When combined with healthy eating and working out this shot can give you a needed boast. You know that feeling when you haven’t worked out in so long because you’re just soooo out of shape that 2 minutes into a workout you wanna faint. Yeah, well that’s where this is helpful. It will give you that extra energy you need when you’ve been slacking too long and now can’t handle moderate exercise. Or use it for energy to clean the house. Your choice!

Final Thoughts

It was a lovely Med Spa and great for Miami and Coral Gables locals. The people are warm and inviting and very knowledgable. I felt very comfortable and enjoyed all my treatments. Yup! Even the shot and failed IV. That more so because of how I felt after obviously 😉

Other treatments I would love to try offered at Jhonny Med Spa are the Coolsculpting…YASSSSSS!!!! Oxygen Infused Facial…this one can make you relax to sleep. I’m also curious to try their massages because if their facials are this good I have a good feeling about their massage therapists.

All opinions are my own.


The Proper Way to Brew Green Tea and Why It Should Replace Your Coffee


Today I’m going to share the proper way to brew green tea and why it should replace your coffee. I know we are all nuts about our coffee, but even with all the benefits of coffee it’s not ideal for everyone. Myself included!

I started everyday with my delicious latte for years. Over time I noticed that my health grew worse and worse. The main reason was that coffee makes me anxious. This anxiety turns into stress and that becomes evident in my mood and skin. After much sadness I decided that I had to cut out coffee and my daily consumption of milk with it (milk also messes with hormones even organic kinds). I’m also a migraine sufferer and while caffeine can be helpful with migraines, the anxiety can cause hormonal disruption and that leads to more migraines. If my migraines were rare and not hormonally related, perhaps coffee would be fine. However, since coffee starts a series of events that inevitably cause hormonal disruptions, the benefits were negated. Confusing, I know.
The Proper Way to Brew Green Tea and Why It Should Replace Your Coffee
Long story short, I found better alternative…GREEN TEA! It’s got the benefits I loved from coffee – caffeine, makes you use the restroom, and can be made into a latte. Up until I learned how to properly select and consume green tea, I only had not so nice feels about it. After researching the health benefits, I discovered how to make the perfect cup. I was shocked to know that I haven’t had REAL properly brewed green tea (at least in the states). I was making it all wrong and frankly may have caused more harm than good. In Taiwan, where I lived for a few months, everyone drank green tea. Specifically, in cold plastic water bottles or with milk. I found them all tasty and amazing. Why didn’t the green tea I made at home or had at restaurants in the states taste this good? In the end I just assumed all the green tea we had in the states was either fake or spoiled and stopped trying to drink it. Turns out I was half right!

Most of the green tea in the states is past 6 months old, which means it’s spoiled and has lost it’s benefits. Not only that, but most people here use boiling water to brew their green tea which just burns the tea and turning it bitter while removing all the benefits. Yup, burning it can also create a reaction that makes it not only taste bad, but bad for you. Worst still we don’t commonly know when we should and should not have green tea. It can make you feel sick if you have it at the wrong time. Scary right?!

Here I am drinking nasty bitter burnt green tea for health and not only am I not getting all the benefits, but I could potentially be doing some harm. Double yuck!

Before you get sad and give up, just hang on a minute! I’m going to now tell you how not to consume green tea and how to properly consume it. You’ll never have to worry you’re doing it wrong or suffer from that way too bitter nasty taste again!

Top Mistakes People Make With Green Tea

Don’t drink on an empty stomach or when hungry – green tea aids in digestion and can lower blood sugar or make your stomach upset when taken this way. You may feel nausea, get cramping, or feel uneasy. It is only to be taken with or right after meals.

Don’t steep in boiling water! Use cold to warm water (warm water should be no more than 160-175 degrees F). Steep max 3 minutes in warm water and 8 minutes in cold water.

Don’t toss the tea leaves after steeping – you may eat them to enjoy added benefits. Just eat immediately.

Don’t continue to sip green tea after an hour – the benefits require the tea to be fresh and freshly steeped. After a while not only will the benefit go away, but it may become toxic. The faster you drink it the better it is for you. About 30 minutes for a cup is optimal. The longer you wait the less benefits the green tea will have. After an hour after steeping, toss it.

Don’t keep old green tea leaves – this product must be fresh. A month after opening a package the benefits will be gone and it may become spoiled and potentially toxic. Look for packed on dates over expiration dates. Six months after it was packaged it should be tossed.

Don’t steep or drink in paper or foam cups/containers. The chemicals in foam and paper will interact with those in green tea and you will lose benefits of green tea. Use glass, porcelain, or even plastic.

Don’t drink green tea close to bedtime. Drink at least 5 hours before you go to sleep. Green tea can give you energy which will interrupt sleeping if taken close to your bedtime.

Don’t use cheap green tea or green tea that isn’t organic. If you want the full benefits, make sure you are actually using FRESH and pure organic green tea. Do not skimp on price and quality. Good quality green tea doesn’t have a storage date past 6 months. Most grocery stores do not have fresh green tea. The likelihood that the tea in your local grocery store is too old to be beneficial is high. I suggest purchasing from a trusted direct supplier. Again after opening, try to consume your green tea in one month.

Great Benefits of Green Tea

If you wake up in the morning with a full stomach and need help with your digestion, you may drink green tea first thing in the morning. It will aid digestion and usually offer relief in 5-10 minutes. This is a special circumstance, but otherwise never drink green tea without eating during or right before.

Drink 30 minutes before exercising or when you need to think clearly. Before a test, interview, or physical activity. Any time you need to be at peak performance.

Chew green tea leaves and eat while driving. It will keep you alert and a good way to consume green tea for all it’s benefits.

Add raw green tea to food to aid digestion. Another great way to get all the digestion benefits of green tea when you don’t want to drink it.

Use green tea to aid in weight loss. Green tea will help you lose more weight because it will give you more energy to EXERCISE (you knew there was a catch, right!). Use that energy along with cleaner eating habits to get the full benefits of green tea. The more fat on your body the more it can help. It aids in burning fat (if you are working out). This is a great tool to add with a healthy diet and exercise routine. If you don’t have a lot of excess fat you may not see much weight loss, but it’s still healthy to maintain weight so keep drinking!

It’s great for colds! Green tea just happens to be antiviral, so next time you’re suffering from a viral cold or illness, don’t forget about this benefit.

Drink green tea regularly to keep you healthy and to help your body fight off illness. Green tea is great for high blood pressure, cancer, rehydrates better than water, bad breath, protects your liver from alcohol, good for your lungs, lowers stress, increases brain function, a great anti-oxidant, preserves and builds bone, kills bacteria and improves dental health, helps reduce inflammation in the body, helps your skin and acne, and lowers risk of heart disease. It’s really great for those suffering from MS, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, heart, cardiovascular diseases, and my personal favorite…migraines. It’s a long life drink (when you drink it properly)!


Hopefully now that you know how to properly consume this amazing tea, you’ll be able to add it as your daily beverage. Now that you’re sold on having green tea let’s go over all the kinds of green tea and which ones you might prefer.

Basic Types of Green Tea

Long Jing (Dragonwell Green Tea) – one of the most popular green teas in the world produced from the Zhejian Province of China. Once processed, the leaves tend to be flat and have a jade color.
Sencha Green Tea – Japanese Sencha is a common green tea for everyday in Japan and the world.
Matcha – is a powder Japanese tea with a special process that has various qualities from cooking quality to tea ceremony quality. (stay turned for a WHOLE post on Matcha because it’s that awesome!!!)
Gunpowder This is one of the most popular types of chinese green teas. This tea is still primarily grown in the Zhejian Province of China, although plantations for this tea are spreading elsewhere in China. One of the characteristics of this tea is that, once processed, the tea looks like tiny pellets. These pellets open up during the brewing process.
Pi Lo Chun (Green Snail Spring) Another very unique and somewhat rare Chinese Green Tea. This tea, also grown in the Zhejian Province, is grown among plum, apricot and peach trees. This allows the tea leaves to pick up the fragrance of the fruit blossoms from these trees. As this tea is rolled, it has a “snail like” appearance.
Snowy Mountain Jian This tea is grown at high altitudes in the Yunnan Province of China. The leaves of this tea are quite long. Although a green tea, this tea is processed a bit differently than other green teas – giving it a more full body flavor somewhat similar to black teas.
Genmaicha Also known as the “popcorn tea.” This is actually a sencha tea that is pan fired and then blended with toasted hulled rice. During the toasting of the hulled rice, it is not unusual for the rice to “pop,” leading to the name of “popcorn tea.”
Kukicha A tea made from white stalks produced by harvesting one bud and three leaves. A very unusual tea, with a taste of chestnut due to the twigs in the tea.
Gyokuro Gyukoro is considered the very best of Japanese green teas. The leaves are flat and pointed, that provide a smooth taste with a light fragrance. During the final weeks before harvesting, these leaves are moved to the shade…out of direct sunlight.

Yes there are even more types, but these are a good place to start and choose a green tea. My favorites are Genmaich and Matcha. I’m not a fan of Gunpowder. But I suggest you pick up some organic green teas and try them out until you find your favorites.

Some good ones to try:
Long Jin Cha Green Tea (Hangzhou, China)
Numi Organic Tea Gunpowder Green
Davidson’s Tea Bulk, Genmaicha

Check back for my post on MATCHA and how to make the most awesome Matcha Green Tea Latte you’ll turn your nose up at coffee….forever!

Fionas Sleeveless Maxi Dress and Jeffery Campbell Shay Lace Up Flats


Today’s look pairs my flowy Fionas Sleeveless Maxi Dress and my comfy Jeffery Campbell Shay Lace Up Flats. This look is very Bohemian, feminine, and has a bit or urban edge.

Fionas Sleeveless Maxi Dress

I love the feel of this dress and how it effortlessly flows with a breeze. This light an airy maxi comes in several colors. I choose to use a white lace bralette under. If you want to be able to use this dress without something under it I suggest pinning it to keep it from opening. It’s a wrap dress so this is also a great choice for over a swimsuit on vacation.

Jeffery Campbell Shay Lace Up Flats

These cute Jeffery Campbell lace up flats are the perfect match for this maxi as well as skinny jeans. These shoes are comfortable enough for me to wear on vacations with heavy walking. The perfect everyday shoe.

Marble Jewelry

For jewelry I picked out my layered marble necklaces and earrings. I’m loving marble right now. They provide a natural element and give texture to the outfit.
Fionas Sleeveless Maxi Dress
Fionas Sleeveless Maxi Dress
Marble Layered Necklaces
Marble Layered Necklaces
Jeffrey Campbell Shay Lace Up Flat
Fionas Sleeveless Maxi Dress
Fionas Sleeveless Maxi Dress

Wynwood Food Tour By Miami Culinary Tours Review


If you know anything about Miami, it’s that Miami is becoming an art and food mecca. Wynwood has changed in the past 5 years and is continuing to blossom into a booming art and food epicenter for Miami. Even as a local, I enjoy discovering new places to eat and enjoying the culture of the area. The Wynwood Food Tour by Miami Culinary Tours was a great way for me to experience Wynwood with a guide.

I get myself to Wynwood whenever possible to enjoy the famous Panther Coffee and the new by Midtown shops to grab a bite at my favorite tapas restaurant, Sugarcane. Going on this tour opened my eyes to so much more of Wynwood. In fact, nearly all the people on our tour were locals. Some have gone on other tours by Miami Culinary Tours and just use these tours as a fun way to hangout with their friends while getting some bites and background stories on different areas in Miami. It’s one thing to look at the beautiful street art on your own, it’s an entirely different experience to hear about the artist and the meanings behind the works.

After nonstop rainy days in Miami, all was clear on the day of the tour. Unfortunately the sun was also on full blast! While most of the country was enjoy Fall temperatures, we are still experiencing 90+ hot and humid temperatures. Be sure to bring a large hat, sun parasol, lots of sunscreen, comfortable shoes, and light colored breathable cotton or linen clothes. Prepare for travel to Miami as if you were traveling to the Sun and you’ll be just fine. 😉

So let’s begin the tour!

Wynwood Food Tour By Miami Culinary Tours Review

Wynwood Kitchen and Bar at the heart of Wynwood

Wynwood Food Tour By Miami Culinary Tours Review

We sampled some local beer, Chicken empanada, cheese tequeno, sweet plantains with queso fresco

Wynwood Food Tour By Miami Culinary Tours Review

Wall by the same artist that did Obama’s Change campaign

Wynwood Food Tour By Miami Culinary Tours Review

Wynwood Kitchen and Bar inside the Wynwood Walls

We started the tour at Wynwood Kitchen and Bar located within the famous Wynwood Walls. This was designed to be the center and heart of Wynwood. It’s the perfect place to begin any tour of Wynwood and a must see for tourists. We had three delisous appetizers and my favorite was the fried plantains with cream sauce. I’ve had fried plantains all over Miami, but never with this delicious cream! I will be back for more!
Wynwood Food Tour By Miami Culinary Tours Review

Wynwood Food Tour By Miami Culinary Tours Review

Hands down my favorite Wall in Wynwood! The artist needs to paint my house!

Wynwood Food Tour By Miami Culinary Tours Review

These artists only use black, red, and white because they did most of their work at night and only have two hands. So my guess is one guy had red and white while the other had black and a handful of brushes.

Wynwood Food Tour By Miami Culinary Tours Review

Wynwood Food Tour By Miami Culinary Tours Review
Then we explored all the Wynwood Walls and learned a little about the artists and meaning behind the works. It really makes you look at them in a whole new light. I absolutely loved the back stories of the artists. Our wonderful guide was very informed and answered even the most obscure questions with ease.

Wynwood Food Tour By Miami Culinary Tours Review

That’s me!  Quick outfit breakdown:  Lucky Brand Booties and purse | Hollister Skinny high-rise jeans | Urban Outfitters Swing Top

Wynwood Food Tour By Miami Culinary Tours Review

My fellow blogger friend, Gio came along too.

Wynwood Food Tour By Miami Culinary Tours Review

This piece is chiseled into the wall and the color is added with battery acid.

Wynwood Food Tour By Miami Culinary Tours Review

Wynwood Food Tour By Miami Culinary Tours Review

My friend Gio, aka, “Petite Thoughts

Wynwood Food Tour By Miami Culinary Tours Review

Walking around Wynwood Miami Walking around Wynwood Miami

Next up we ate an amazing Tartine at Mmmm!  I will be back to this cute little place.  So sad it took me this long to actually go inside and try it out.  With so many places in Wynwood it can be hard choosing.  This one also has Azucar which means sugar in spanish.  These recipes for ice creams are unique flavors collected from all over South America.  Amazing flavors you may only ever find served in but a few places in Miami!

Wynwood Food Tour By Miami Culinary Tours Review

Back hidden seating in Mmmm in Wynwood

Wynwood Food Tour By Miami Culinary Tours Review

Tartine at Mmmm in Wynwood

Wynwood Food Tour By Miami Culinary Tours Review

Inside of Mmmm in Wynwood

Then some more walking and a few trips inside little museums along the way.
Wynwood Food Tour By Miami Culinary Tours Review

Wynwood Food Tour By Miami Culinary Tours Review

Our own little Paris in Miami. Locks of Wynwood.

Wynwood Food Tour By Miami Culinary Tours Review

Wynwood Food Tour By Miami Culinary Tours Review

R House actually has an art gallery inside the restaurant! Oh and Short rib slider and tuna tartare was amazing!

Wynwood Food Tour By Miami Culinary Tours Review

The cool rainbow painted house

Wynwood Food Tour By Miami Culinary Tours Review

Some hipster guy riding his funky bike in Wynwood

Wynwood Food Tour By Miami Culinary Tours Review

Price and Joy BBQ! Pulled pork Texas toast

Wynwood Food Tour By Miami Culinary Tours Review

Fireman Derek’s Backshop

Wynwood Food Tour By Miami Culinary Tours Review

Our last stop was Fireman Derek’s Bakeshop with Key Lime Pie and it was creamy goodness!

All in all it was a great experience. Local or not, you have to give this tour a go. They said they are constantly changing up the stops along the way to keep the tour fresh. The art in Wynwood is also forever changing. That’s the beauty of Miami, there will always be something new to see, taste, and explore!

Check out Miami Culinary Tours!

Miami Fall Boho White Dress and Gladiator Sandals


Miami has no really Fall, but we can pretend right? In 99 degree heat, Simply Carmen Renee and I, braved the flesh burning weather to take some fashion photos.

Boho White Dress

My look is again totally Bohemian. The white boho dress is perfect for those of you that have Fall and still works in the fierce Miami heat. It’s a very flowy dress, making it breathable and easy to wear in Miami. This Boho chic white dress actually came from Abercrombie and Fitch. It’s not currently available. Have no fear because I’m found some other dresses with the same boho feel.

Gladiator Sandals

These gladiator shoes actually come in my size! I was cursed with feet barley large enough to be consider adult by most shoe designers. It was so exciting to find gladiators that fit and I snatched them up. These are Madden Girl and they come in black too.

Crystal Jewelry

I dressed up the look with layered crystal necklaces. With so many beautiful new crystal necklaces out there you are bound to find one you fall in love with. I say stock up on them in different lengths. You can layer them or wear them alone.

Check below the photos for options to get the look!
Miami Fall Boho White Dress and Gladiator Sandals

Miami Fall Boho White Dress and Gladiator Sandals

Miami Fall Boho White Dress and Gladiator Sandals

Miami Fall Boho White Dress and Gladiator Sandals

Miami Fall Boho White Dress and Gladiator Sandals

Miami Fall Boho White Dress and Gladiator Sandals

Miami Fall Boho White Dress and Gladiator Sandals

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