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Sexy White High Rise Jeans


A new staple lately are super sexy white high rise jeans. I just love how versatile these jeans are. Dress them up or down and these are great for summer and fall alike. This is one staple I recommend investing in a great pair!

Petite Options:

Will you be investing in sexy white high rise jeans?

Free People 100 Degrees Dress – Miami Boho Chic


Today’s look is the Free People 100 Degrees Dress – Miami Boho Chic! Love love this dress! I want it in every color. It’s pretty awesome that Free People offers this gorg Seamless Strappy Back Bralette in the same color of the dress. I snatched that up quickly. While this bra err bralette offers no support, it does offer some style and extra coverage. Now if you could find a bra back as unique and fun as this one with cups that offer lift and thicker coverage you would be in heaven. However, trust me, I’ve looked. This is the best we have so far. But when I find the holy grail of fancy back bras with great support I’ll be posting it here for sure.

This outfit pairs perfectly with my Kendra Scott cobalt necklace. The burnt orange color with cobalt is a total win.

Normally I pair with dress with gladiator sandals, but this time I went for my comfortable heels. Yes, I can’t do traditional heels unless there is zero walking involved. I’ve reach a point in my life where I will not suffer the pain of uncomfortable shoes for style. Other ways, sure, but not my poor feet. I love Clarks shoes for this reason. They are more fashionable than other comfortable shoes. They also come in size 5!!! Yessssss!!!!!! Small narrow feet problems :( I heard pregnancy can sometimes make your feet grow a size. I was actually hoping that would happen to me. While they swelled up from preclampsia, no luck in the growth. They say it’s not that they grow, but more flatten out making you need a larger size. Either way, didn’t happen. Oh well, I did at least finally get boobs. lol
Free People 100 Degrees Dress – Miami Boho Chic

Free People 100 Degrees Dress – Miami Boho Chic

Free People 100 Degrees Dress – Miami Boho Chic

Free People 100 Degrees Dress – Miami Boho Chic

Free People 100 Degrees Dress – Miami Boho Chic

What do you think of this boho chic fun look?

Trip to Pinecrest Gardens Miami


A few months ago my little family went on a trip to Pinecrest Gardens Miami. In fact, whenever we want to go for a relaxing walk we love Pinecrest Gardens. It’s the perfect hangout spot for young families.

Why Pinecrest Gardens Miami Is Perfect For Families

Cheap entrance fee – I believe it’s only $5!
Splash and Play – for an extra $3 or so you can let your little one cool off in the Splash and Play area
Playground – under canopies of shade trees you’ll find a great playground
Petting Zoo – Yes! Every few minutes or so they open the Petting Zoo for the kiddos to have a blast

What My Family Loves To Do At Pinecrest Gardens Miami

We LOVE to walk around! This is one of the rarest novelties in Miami, a shady place to walk! See huge banyan trees and walk between their branches. Check out the many man-made ponds with fish and turtles that call them home. You’ll also find some unique trees like the Silk Floss Tree. I have a little baby one growing in my backyard, they look super prehistoric. You imagine these cool trees with dinosaurs walking around them.Silk Floss Tree at Pinecrest Gardens MiamiPinecrest Gardens Miami FloridaPinecrest Gardens Miami FloridaPinecrest Gardens Miami FloridaPinecrest Gardens Miami FloridaPinecrest Gardens Miami Florida
20141018_0055editedsm20141018_0057editedsmPinecrest Gardens Miami FloridaPinecrest Gardens Miami Florida20141018_0179editedsm20141018_0219editedsm20141018_0227editedsmPinecrest Gardens Miami Florida

Chicco Stroller Review for the Moms

This was a while back, so we were still trying out this stroller.  Just to throw it out there for the moms, it is horrible.  It doesn’t keep her held back so she can move forward, get out of it easily, and grab the wheels as you go.  The canopy is also pretty small and doesn’t offer much coverage.  So while it was lightweight, it was NOT a smart choice for an active toddler.Pinecrest Gardens Miami Florida

Soyka Restaurant Miami Review


Soyka Restaurant Miami Review

I recently wore this lovely dress on a date with the Hubs to Soyka during a crazy Miami rain storm. I love Soyka! It’s a great romantic restaurant near Midtown Miami/Downtown. When I used to live in the area, there were few upscale restaurants. Even now there still isn’t much quite as romantically decorated. The outdoor (but totally covered from rain) garden area is the perfect place for couples to sit and reconnect. Imagine an alley bistro in Italy or France. It reminds me so much of Europe, only the clean picturesque parts.Soyka Miami Restaurant Review

This place is so gorgeous I really don’t care if the food is blah, but thankfully…it’s fabulous! I ordered the Soyka house salad. It was good. Fresh ingredients and copious amount of dressing on the side. I love when they give you dressing on the side in such a nice quantity. You can really add to taste. While it was good, I think I’ll try the Cesare next time.

For my main course I went with a half portion of FIOCCHI ALLE PERE: Pear, ricotta and mascarpone pasta purses, parmesan cream. It was perfect! It is a little heavy, but delicious. The half portion was perfect, in fact, I didn’t even finish it.

Hubby went with the SESAME SALMON: Ginger soy, wild mushrooms, roasted red peppers, spinach, jasmine rice. Great sesame crust and perfectly seasoned. However, he felt it wasn’t cooked medium-rare and that it was surely previously frozen. Overall, he really enjoyed the dish.

I ordered two lattes’ because the first one was simple but great. I love they provide brown sugar without having to ask for it. That’s a big deal for me. Got to have my brown sugar!

I was excited to try their chocolate soufflé and made sure to pre-order it immediately (it takes 45 minutes to make). Unfortunately, the souffle must not have turned out well or perhaps it fell. Either way the server allowed us to choose another dessert on the house due to the wait. We went with the bread pudding. It was actually soufflé-like! Imagine a warm gooey French toast with a side of delicious cream. It’s their most popular dessert.

Obviously, I will be back. It’s just so beautiful. They don’t seem to be a part of Miami Spice this year, though. :( Be sure to make reservations in the garden area with your sweetheart!

Free People Caught In The Moment Dress


The Free People Caught In The Moment Dress is just gorgeous! It’s really high quality and since I purchased it at HauteLook I was able to get it hemmed for half off at Nordstrom. A total must when you’re short!

My lovely friend Simply Carmen Renee and I are now trading photography of each other’s looks. These photos are a first try for her! She did pretty awesome, right?! She took my photos, I took hers, and I edited them all and gave her some editing tips. To see my photography of her latest look check it out here.

Yes! Miami Fashion bloggers, I am now accepting Fashion Blogger clients at a special rate. For details see the photography site here.

Carmen was the one to get me to try out this trendy top knot bun! I kinda like it. The whole look is great for an afternoon date. I recently wore this lovely dress on a date with the Hubs to Soyka during a crazy Miami rain storm. Click for a full review of Soyka Restaurant Miami!

Free People Caught In The Moment DressFree People Caught In The Moment DressKenda Scott EarringsFree People Caught In The Moment DressFree People Caught In The Moment DressFree People Caught In The Moment DressFree People Caught In The Moment Dress

Earrings: Kendra Scott
Necklace: ShopJami
Bracelet: Similar here and here

Check Out New Sun Dresses at!

FabFitFun Box Review


Today I’m going to give a FitFabFun box review. Fab­Fit­Fun is a sea­sonal sub­scrip­tion gift box with full-size fash­ion, beauty, fitness and lifestyle products.
If you already know you want it, use this special code “KITTY” and get $10 off your box!
FabFitFun Box Review

What’s in the Box – FatFabFun Box Review

Wren Rose Gold horseshoe pendant
Wren 14k Gold and Black Sapphire Necklace…retails $100
First, I LOVE Wren clothing…I’ve been following them on Instagram and drooling over their products for some time. I love the Boho vibe. That’s totally my jam. The necklace was ROSE GOLD. It’s like they somehow knew I was looking for an everyday necklace to go with my super cute rose gold earrings. I’m totally in love with rose gold and will forever regret not having my engagement ring and wedding band in rose gold. Platinum and white gold were all the rage back then. Oh well, back to the necklace…love it, super simple and chic. This is never going out of style.
FabFitFun Wireless Speaker
The Everyday Wireless Speaker by FabFitFun…retails $29.99
This is totally something I wouldn’t buy, but I immediately found useful. It can be tossed around no problem and go up to 10 meters (30ft) away while still being in range. I just bluetooth this to my phone and called my dad, bam I toss the speaker to my 2 year old and she can do whatever to it and I’m not worried she’ll hangup or break my phone. Also it’s cute, I like pink I’m not ashamed to say it. Oh and it has an FM radio too.
Inkling Scents Sultry Roll-On Oil Purfume
Inkling Scents Sultry Roll-On Oil Purfume…retails $25
Yessss!!! Real stuff! It’s not even expensive retail. Why haven’t I heard about this brand? No alcohol bs, just pure fragrance oils. This scent has creamy sandalwood, white amber, lotus flower, orchid, Bulgarian rose, and silky vanilla. I love it I keep shoving it in my husband’s face. They have 20+ other fragrance options too! So check out and enter code “FFF15” for 15% off your total purchase. I have decided I want to order Empress – The rare and exotic ingredients found in our Empress fragrance are designed to make every woman feel like royalty. Damascus rose, samba jasmine, and ylang-ylang combine to create an air of luxury and feminine elegance. This scent elevates and illuminates. That totally sounds like me, doesn’t it?

Gorge “I’ll Make You Look Amazing” Daily Spray…retails $24.95
Well, perfect timing. My hair just so happens to be fried, dyed, and bleached. This leave in conditioner was actually very nice. No residue and did leave my hair softer and less fried looking.

Tarte LipSurgence Lip Gloss…retails $19
Put it on and then I realized it was plumping gloss. Yeah I noticed some sweet plump. I then made out with the hubs who noticed a “tingly feeling”. I like it, who doesn’t want a little plumpage. The color was great on me for everyday and it felt super hydrating.
FabFitFun Jump Rope
FibFitFun x CosmoBody Jump Rope…$19
Alright, it was my first time using a jump rope since I was maybe 14. My toddler was laughing uncontrollably and yelling to “be careful Mama”. Eventually I remembered how to do it and yeah that really gets your blood moving. Kinda nice. I will be doing this with a sports bra (something my 14 year old self had little need). Love the handles, they are high quality and my husband saw it and asked if I “spent tons of money on it”. So yeah, it looks like you’re a total pro.
FabFitFun Scratch Nail Wraps
Scratch Nail Wraps…$12
These are really cute and just as easy to apply as any other nail wraps. Love the pattern and it just so happens to match my new purse and shoes, so win-win for me.

Headspace 3-Month Subscription…retails $38.85
This is an app that takes you through a series of life-changing, guided meditations whenever you want and wherever you are. Celebs like Gwyneth Plaltrow and Emma Watson are into this stuff. I was a little iffy, but it was relaxing. Now I should probably wait until pre-school starts up again to get the whole experience when I’ve actually got some alone time. Just thinking about school starting totally relaxes me.
hello KONJACK cleansing sponge
Hello Konjac Cleansing Sponge…$12
To be honest I have almost bought this at least a 1000 times. I’ve just been on the fence about it, so to get to try one out was amazing. Made from konjac vegetable fiber, this pillow-soft sponge is an all-natural way to restore the skin and balance your face’s pH level. My experience was that it was fun to use and scrubby. I like a good scrubbing.

Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Soothe Spray Moisturizer…$7.99
Seriously I was just last night thinking they should put moisturizer in a spray can. Then I saw this and was like damn, someone took my idea! I’m not a fan of the cucumber like scent, but otherwise it was very nice. I know most people will love the scent. I’m just a floral all the way kind of gal. Perhaps the Aloe will help against razor burn too!

Total value of the box: $275.79
FabFitFun Box Review
Was it worth it? For $50 a month yeah it was worth it to me. I love surprises. It wasn’t all sample sized, you got some real products in good amounts. Unlike other boxes it was not just random samples and junk. This box was put together well and got me pretty excited. The absolute best in the box, for me, would be the perfume, cleansing sponge,lip gloss, and the speaker. My favorite item was for sure, the necklace. The other items were all awesome, though. I’m going to force myself to use the jump rope once a day. It’s so professional looking you just want to get good at it. So now I’m off to force my husband to give me a massage with this fancy spray moisturizer.

I hope you found this review helpful and seriously check out this box at FitFabFun. Be sure to use code “KITTY” for $10 off your box!

This is an honest review and was sponsored by FabFitFun via Bloggin’ Mamas


Joe’s Jeans 50% off Sale Picks


Shop JOE's Jeans Premium Vintage Denim for the Perfect Worn-In Look & Feel
Ladies listen up! Joe’s Jeans is having a SALE and you can get some great comfy and sexy everyday jeans for up to 50% off. I’m totally eyeing the Stay Spotless Annie High Rise Womens Skinny Jeans. I have been looking everywhere for the perfect white jeans and hey “stay spotless” sounds like a feature I can be all over as a mom of a toddler. I’m still digging high rise jeans now. No muffin top and I can wear crop tops without showing too much skin like a teenager can pull off. It’s not cute to be a mom in a mid drift bearing crop top. At least I don’t feel I can pull it off. I’m hoping high rise skinny jeans NEVER EVER GO AWAY. Joes Jeans 50 off Sale
Play Dirty, Stay Spotless with JOE's Jeans

Curvy Skinny Jeans Annie

Annie Stay Spotless [More]

Price: $179.00
Sale: $89.50

Petite Skinny Jeans Lyndi

Lyndi Cool Off Collection [More]

Price: $179.00
Sale: $89.50

Boyfriend Slim Crop Gessa

Gessa Distressed Denim Jean [More]

Price: $169.00
Sale: $84.50

Stay Spotless Annie

Annie Skinny Jean [More]

Price: $179.00
Sale: $125.30

Stay Spotless Annie

Annie High Rise Womens Skinny Jeans


Price: $179.00
Sale: $125.30

Stay Spotless Annie

Annie Clean Cuff Crop Jean [More]

Price: $169.00
Sale: $118.30

High Rise Flare Annie

Annie Stay Spotless [More]

Price: $179.00
Sale: $125.30

Mid Rise Skinny Lyndi

Lyndi Cool Off Collection [More]

Price: $179.00
Sale: $89.50

Asymmetric Skinny Annie

Annie Stay Spotless [More]

Price: $184.00
Sale: $128.80

Mid Rise Skinny Ankle Kenzie

Kenzie Cool Off Collection [More]

Price: $179.00
Sale: $89.50

The Boyfriend Jesenia

Jesenia Collection Edition [More]

Price: $179.00
Sale: $89.50

Asymmetric Skinny Gretchen

Gretchen Collection Edition [More]

Price: $184.00
Sale: $92.00

Take 30-50% off Select Styles from JOE's Jeans + Free Shipping

Get to the comments and let me know your favorite from my picks! Love hearing from everyone! xo

Lessons From My Kitchen Remodel


Drumroll please…my dream white kitchen is nearly complete! You got that right, after YEARS of pain and horrors (more on that in a few) we finally have a gorgeous kitchen. I’m going to tell you some lessons from my kitchen remodel. Hopefully I’ll save you from making the same mistakes we did!
Lessons From My Kitchen Remodel
Our home in Miami is a very small 3/2 single family home in a small gated community. We had been renting it for years before we actually purchased. In fact the only reason we were able to purchase a home is because our previous landlord was nice enough to wait the months and months to sell it to us. Miami is a hot bed of all cash offers. Since most buyers are investors or those fleeing from other countries they either have the cash or are required to pay in full to purchase. This meant every offer we made was out done by a no-hassle all cash offer. It was a sad time until we decided to just purchase the less than perfect home we had been renting. It turned out to be the best option for us, plus we didn’t have to move!

The only problem was the house was pretty much in need of all new bathrooms, A/C, and a kitchen. To be really honest, we also need a new roof soon, floors, front door, etc…. lol. But one thing at a time, am I right? 😉

We started in the kitchen after getting furniture for pretty much most of the house. As awesome as it was to have adult real wood furniture, the kitchen is still the first thing you see when you enter. It was all sorts of awful. Moldy cabinets around the sink, the thermofoil stuff was peeling off everywhere, it was a yucky yellow fake wood pattern. It was just awful. Armed with zero idea how much a new kitchen costs we went to the local Miami Home Depot for a quote. We were ignored and cast aside in two separate locations, so thankfully there is a Lowes also somewhat close to us. They were really organized and had actual people around to help us with the new kitchen. They broke down how much a kitchen costs and let me say our kitchen is TINY. A very small kitchen to say the least. With little space we decided we wanted to grow upwards and make the cabinets as tall as possible and add an extra one for even more storage. When all was said and done the quote was about $10,000+ with many compromises. We were ready to go for it until a friend of my dad’s boss, Daria Jahann, told him he would do the job and give us custom cabinets including removal and install of countertops, plumbing, etc. With his custom quote he included quarts countertops, the cool inside organizing stuff I wanted, and best of all real maple doors. It was about $13,500 more or less. We signed a contract and waited.

Then we waited some more. Nearly 4 months went by until we pestered the guy enough to finally come over and do something. We knew nothing about how to pay contractors (you know what’s coming) and since he was a friend of my dad’s boss we were a little more relaxed. Lowes wanted 100% upfront to even begin doing anything, so we thought anything less than 100% upfront was fair. (not so bright) Long painful story short he did little work, what he did was so horrible and shoddy that if you saw it you would cry, and then he tried to force us to pay more money after getting everything from us. What actually happened is his relationship with my dad’s boss became sour and he must have thought that we know the guy and took it would on us. It was all revenge and seriously evil. In the end we were robbed. No one would touch the horrible job he did, they wanted us to rip it all out and start again. So we waited a few years, still pleading with the guy to finish the job. He would often text us that he was on his way, I would get hopeful and cancel plans, then he wouldn’t come and when he finally texted back would say he was “sick”. He said he was suffering from “celiac disease”. I can’t even comment on how dumb that sounds. Just don’t eat gluten!!!

Thankfully, my mother-in-law helped us out so my enraged husband wouldn’t go after the guy. There was literally nothing we could do legally against this guy, but we still intend on letting someone else sue him who can. So fyi don’t give ANY money over what you feel they have done so far. Because if you split it into payments and they stop working everything you paid up until then is considered for the work done, so don’t pay in advance. I would even go as far as to by the materials on your own and just pay labor. That’s the only way I’ll hire a contractor from now on. Just as labor that’s it!

Shellshocked we hired my mom’s life-long bff’s husband, Jim Koblinsky. His basically my uncle and made my playhouse when I was a kid with my dad. It wasn’t just some playhouse, that place had electricity and outlets, it was like a little efficiency in the backyard. He does awesome work, but charges a lot as its super custom and most of his clients have high end historic homes. His work has been in magazines and everything. I didn’t originally ask him because I’m not super rich or fancy. But after loosing so much money this time we did it right and went with someone that I not only trust, but trust alone in my home. That was the best part. Knowing I could leave him alone and run errands all day.

This time we got a real kitchen with actual high quality wood and workmanship. If I had to do it all over again I wouldn’t have price shopped. I would go with the one I trust the most and who’s work is the best. Even if you need to spend 5 years saving up to do it. Price shopping is good for many things, just not in this case. If you want to save and are handy Ikea is an option, but they were not that much cheaper than Lowes. Oh and FIY if you have them installed they can’t charge you tax because it’s a part of the house, but if they don’t install they have to charge tax. I don’t get it either, but that’s what we were told and it seems to be true at least in FL. Sneaky independent contractors may lie about this to try and get more money.
So that’s my horror story, I hope it helps out someone in the planning stages. Now let’s get into the good and happy stuff!

Kitchen Remodel Before

Before Kitchen Remodel (black and white photo). It is an all yellow wood patterned formica, even the counter and backsplash.

Kitchen Remodel Before

Before Kitchen Remodel, no storage so we had a bookcase up in there.

During Kitchen Remodel

During Kitchen Remodel, the huge mess

After Kitchen Remodel the White Cabinets

After Kitchen Remodel the White Cabinets sneak peek

After Kitchen Remodel the White Cabinets

After Kitchen Remodel the White Cabinets, that’s all you get to see until the BIG detailed reveal hehe.

What I Did Right


I purchased the cool Carrara Venato Polished Arabesque Baroque Marble Tile from The Builder Depot. I highly recommended The Builder Depot. None of the tiles were broken and they have excellent customer service. The delivery service dropped it off at the wrong address and whoever received them kept them. They shipped us a new one right away with no problems. We used a dark grey charcoal colored grout to really make the pattern pop. Mostly I went with dark grout so you can’t tell if my husband makes it dirty. I know him so well. 😀
Carrara Venato Polished Arabesque Baroque Marble Tile

Knobs and Pulls

I used two different brands, but in person they were a perfect match in color and style. I used a few sizes and shapes to create interest.

White Kitchen Remodel Bronze Ring PullWhite Kitchen Remodel Bronze knobsWhite Kitchen Remodel Bronze handle

Ring Pull | Knobs | Arch Pull | Bigger Arch Pull


Sticking to white color cabinets really brightened up the kitchen. It’s a little hidden away and small, so the white makes it look HUGE and HAPPY. It’s such a great space now and totally fits in with the rest of my mostly white furniture. I feel that even though white kitchens are not always in fashion, I love white. I want everything bright and neutral, so I was true to my personal taste. When I go with color I always end up hating it and wanting to change it up. Now I can add and remove color with accent pieces and decorations. I can even change the faucet and hardware for a whole new look. But the white cabinets are always beautiful to me.

What I Would Have Done Differently


I went with stainless steel appliances. Not designer ones, but high end as far as Lowes and Home Depot appliances run. I instantly regreted the stainless steel. It dents SO EASILY. For the price you want it to not dent like a piece of paper. The thin stainless steel sheeting they use is weak. Upon closer attention, they were all pretty much dented up or would get easily dented if you touched them in the store. Maybe getting white or another color would have given me a sturdier surface with less dents. If you haven’t purchase appliances I urge you to consider how pathetically easy these dent. I have tired various brands and it’s all about the same. Some might smudge less, but they all get dents.

When I was younger we lived by the beach and we had a vintage mint gas wall oven and gas stove. They were cool looking with zero dents, plus they lasted forever (still going). They might not make them like that anymore. Perhaps that’s why people buy the ridiculously high end appliances. If by chance you can afford around $6,000+ for a range and so on then boy you got to check out these:
Elmira Stoveworks
Big Chill
Van Dykes

Range Hood

Since my kitchen is sooooo small I felt I had no choice but to save space and have the microwave over the range. However, if I had to do it again I would have gone with one of those fabulous decorative range hoods. I would give up some counter or cabinet space to put a smaller microwave elsewhere. Truth be told the microwaves made for above ranges are huge. You don’t really need one that big.
You can even do it yourself as shown here and makeover any existing range hood. Or really wow and go for something custom (and expensive) like this one from J.M. Frohler.Kitchen Makeup Range HoodHope you found the lessons from my kitchen remodel helpful. Stay tuned for the BIG reveal with everything coming together! It’s so cool!NRHome_728x90Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Favorite Kendra Scott Jewelry Must Haves


My favorite Kendra Scott jewelry must haves! I was recently introduced to Kendra Scotts jewelry by my lovely friend, Simply Carmen Renee. They actually were a sponsor at one of our past events for Florida Society of Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle Bloggers. It was there I saw their entire beautiful new collection and instantly knew I would be heading to Nordstrom for more. Unlike myself you probably haven’t been living under a rock and already love this brand. I’m still trying to be a hip Miami mom, but the struggle is real my friends. So now on to my favorites…

Favorite Kendra Scott Jewelry Must Haves
Favorite Kendra Scott Jewelry Must Haves

This gorgeous cuff bracelet is just perfect as a statement piece. Every girl needs a great gold cuff. Unfortunately for me my wrists are super thin. That’s the only reason you won’t see me in bracelets. Someday I plan on making my own bracelet line just for fashionistas with tiny wrists. I believe every girl should be able to rock a killer bracelet! If you’re lucky enough to be able to wear the standard bracelet size, no excuses, you need this!

My two favorite colors lately have been this bold blue and fuchsia. They look so bright and make any outfit more fun!

Tassels for days! These are really high quality tassel necklaces. They look so chic especially when I do my laid back boho outfits.

These are quickly become my go-to earrings. Even with no other jewelry I find these beauties able to dress me up and get me out in a flash looking fab. Do use the little clear rubber backs as the one time I didn’t I lost one in a Nordstrom fitting room. (Thankfully, they kept it safe for me and I got it back!)

Favorite Kendra Scott Jewelry Must Haves
What are you favorite Kendra Scott pieces? Get to the comments and let me know!

The Perfect Homemade Latte


Today I decided to share how we make the perfect homemade latte. I’m going to share exactly how to make a latte and everything you need to make the best latte. So if you love going to Starbucks or the local coffee shop every morning, making it at home could save you big bucks!The Perfect Homemade LatteAir Tight Coffee bean storageAir Tight Coffee bean storageAir Tight Coffee bean storageAir Tight Coffee bean storageAir Tight Coffee bean storageThe Best At Home Coffee Bean GrinderAroma Water Kettle Stainless Steal French PressStainless Steal French PressStainless Steal French PressStainless Steal French PressStainless Steal French PressMilk Frother and HeaterMilk Frother and HeaterThe Perfect at Home Latte
I love my latte 85% frothy milk goodness and the rest good strong coffee. We tend to use Organic Columbian Medium Roast beans and grind them fresh. My husband swears by a simple French Press over all other coffee makers. French press coffee requires a coarse, even ground. He likes to make the coffee extremely strong. I have a deep love for my milk heater/frother. It gets that perfect froth that I die for every morning. I pour the coffee in first, but if you leave some coffee to pour after the froth you can try your luck at latte art 😉 So here’s the details on what you’ll need to make my perfect homemade latte!

You’ll need

MUG:  Gold Lips Mug
Coffee Bean Grinder:  Cuisinart Programmable Conical Burr Grinder also sold here.
Milk Frother and Heater:  I recommend either one of these here and here. I did try and get one entirely made of stainless steel, however NONE are entirely of stainless steel. They all have teflon or plastic that come in contact with the milk and become heated. There are affordable options that are SUPER easy to clean. Mine works like a champ! For extra frothing I can put it on one and half times and create some creamy frothy goodness. You can even froth without heat when needed.
French Press:  I prefer stainless steel French Press coffee makers over the glass ones. My favorite is here.
Water Kettle:  To quickly heat water I love the Aroma Water Kettle.
Coffee Bean Air Tight Storage: To keep beans fresh and packed with flavor you have to choose an air tight storage container. I love the Theraware canisters because they offer a unique composition that filters out damaging UV light while eliminating the remaining oxygen in the canister. This means continued, air-tight freshness. A a few simple pumps of the Vacu-Pump, contents are sealed airtight and the container remains odorless. The convenient Date Dial allows for accurate storage time tracking. So pretty much the perfect storage canister for coffee beans to ensure freshness and taste. Other optoins: here and here.

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