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Why Not Using a Menstrual Cup Is Gross (A MUST READ TMI)


I still cannot believe I used to think using a menstrual cup was gross.  I thought it was something that hippies used.  Little did I know that one use and I would be wishing I had it from the start.Why Not Using a Menstrual Cup Is Gross


On the contrary to my pervious thoughts, using a menstrual cup is not gross, in fact NOT using a menstrual cup IS gross. (more…)

Miami Maternity Photography Shoot For My Bestie


I just couldn’t help but share with everyone today a recent Miami maternity photography shoot I did with my bestie.  If you’ve been following me for a while, you may know that I’m a photographer.  I don’t post a lot of my work, but you can find some at Persian Kitty Kat Photography and Styled Stock Photography.  Miami Maternity Photography This is my bestie and she’s about to pop with her second little girl.  Even the second time around this girl is gorgeous preggers.  Miami Maternity Photography (more…)

Ancient Preparations historic and ancient skincare formulas


Imagine a skincare line created by a model turned archaeologist. Ancient Preparations recreates historic and ancient skincare formulas. Before I review their products I’m going to share with you the story of Ancient Preparations.
Ancient Preparations is a line of cosmeceutical products inspired by historic formulations.The brand and their mission is what immediately drew me in.   This “line of cosmeceutical products is inspired by historic formulations.  Each artifact is artisan crafted in seasonal batches from organic and wild harvested ingredients as it has been for thousands of years.” (more…)

My Sexy Vacation Maxi Dress Picks


So SUMMER started and you’re about to plan those topical vacation.  Here are my sexy vacation maxi dress picks for the Summer.

Ladies, you need at least one WAY TOO SEXY dress for your vacation.  The kind of dress you wouldn’t be caught dead in when you’re not on vacation (unless you’re me and you wear them for no reason).

My favorite sexy dresses are below.  The Sky dresses in particular are great because they had a little support and padding and help hide or cinch problem areas.  See my previous post for a stellar example.

I’m currently preparing for my Las Vegas (munchkin free) vacation.  We’ll be taking pictures and reviewing tons of places to eat, things to do, and are going to vlog our adventure.

I’m going to be sharing some of my finds on the blog leading up to the trip.  So be sure you’re checking in.  Especially, if you want to take a trip this summer!  Next I’ll be looking for a sexy one-piece swim suit.  Can I do it?  Is that even possible???

Get to the comments and let me know where you love to get sexy vacation maxi dresses? I’d love to check it out!

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