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Lasting Effects Of Birth Control Pills


Most women will be put on birth control for actual birth control, while the rest of us will be put on it to manage hormonal imbalances.  Unfortunately, most doctors are not trained enough to know how to treat hormonal imbalances.  They are taught by pharmaceutical companies to push medicines that manage or mask symptoms, but do not treat.  So you’re going to finally learn about all the lasting effects of having used birth control pills.The Lasting Effects of Birth Control Pills


My Current Treatment Plan For PCOS and Female Hormonal Imbalance


A few days ago I shared my story of PCOS and female hormonal imbalance.  Today I’m going to share with you my current treatment plan for PCOS and female hormonal imbalance.

I’m going to do my best to be as detailed as possible while keeping it quick and to the point.  This research is extensive and I’ll likely be updating and changing my protocol as I learn along the way.
My PCOS and Female Hormonal Imbalance Treatment Plan (more…)

My PCOS Experience


Today I’ll be talking about my PCOS experience.  So I just found out I have PCOS.  I’ll be taking maybe two weeks off to deal with it and recover, but I wanted to explain exactly what my type of PCOS (with no infertility issues means).  Chances are you may know someone with PCOS and they don’t even know it.  My Experience with PCOS Alright so let’s start off with my history with messed up hormones and why it took me 30+ years to finally get a diagnosis… (more…)

Try The World Snack Box Review


Today little Violette and I are giving our Try The World Snack Box Review.Try The World Snack Box ReviewThe Try The World Snack Box is packed with cool unusual snacks from all over the world.  We found so many cool treats, just check it out for yourself!Try The World Snack Box Review (more…)

The TRUTH About Zika Not The Hype And Lies


I live in Miami.  It’s hard not to hear about Zika.  At first I admit I feel into the hype and lies.  The headlines were so sensationalized, babies with microcephaly, it’s scary.  Then I learned the truth about Zika not the hype and lies.  And I can’t let my friends and family keep sharing these false stories and lies anymore.  The TRUTH About Zika Not The Hype And Lies

So here’s the TRUTH.  I really hope you take a minute here, because this is important. (more…)

Vibriance Skincare Super C Review


Another Vitamin C Serum?  You’ve probably tried many, but today I’m going to tell you why you should give one more a try in my Vibriance Skincare Super C Review.  Trust, you’re going to want to hear this….Vibriance Skincare Super C ReviewWhat’s the problem with every other vitamin C serum or skincare product in the market?  If you’ve used Vitamin C skincare products, you’re already familiar with these negative side effects. (more…)

Massive Organic Matcha Brands Review


Alrighty so this post is a long time coming. In my matcha journey I’ve found a lot of wonderful matchas. Some I cannot wait to share with you all. However I’ve also found some not so great matchas. The following is my ongoing massive review of the best organic Matcha available to the USA. Obviously, there was no point in me reviewing some of the epic ones my bestie in Japan sent me. Why make you sad since you can’t get them? Have no fear there are great options (straight from Japan) and available in the USA! YAY!The Best Organics Matcha Brands Massive Review (more…)