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How to Grow Roses in Miami – My Miami Rose Garden


Wait for your swoons, this one is going to hit you in your sweet spot.  Today I’m talking about How to grow roses in Miami and showing off my Miami Rose Garden.  Not only that, but I’ll also talk about growing the fabulous David Austin Roses in Miami.  Let me just say…YES YOU CAN!
How to Grow Roses in Miami - My Miami Rose Garden | David Austin Garden Roses

First I want to show off my favorite roses from Home Depot.  These are called Chicago Peach and they are huge and vibrant show stoppers.  If you follow me on Instagram (PersianKittyKat) I’ve posted photos of these beauties by my hand and they are so much bigger than my hands!  These make great cut roses.

How to Grow Roses in Miami - My Miami Rose Garden How to Grow Roses in Miami - My Miami Rose Garden How to Grow Roses in Miami - My Miami Rose Garden How to Grow Roses in Miami - My Miami Rose Garden How to Grow Roses in Miami - My Miami Rose Garden How to Grow Roses in Miami - My Miami Rose Garden How to Grow Roses in Miami - My Miami Rose GardenSee what I mean?  Don’t they look fabulous on my table?

How to Grow Roses in Miami - My Miami Rose GardenThen I have these cute little roses.  They grow with NO PROBLEMS in Miami.  I hardly pay much attention to them and they are always packed with flowers.  Yay!

How to Grow Roses in Miami - My Miami Rose GardenHere is an old rose I’ve had since I was a kid, also from Home Depot.  No idea what it’s called, but it’s been alive both in ground or in a pot for most of my life with little attention.  It was attacked for a while, but nothing a little trimming couldn’t fix.

How to Grow Roses in Miami - My Miami Rose GardenHow to Grow Roses in Miami - My Miami Rose Garden | David Austin Garden Roses

And another

How to Grow Roses in Miami - My Miami Rose Garden

David Austin Roses – Growing Garden Roses in Miami

I’ve got a few more roses from Home Depot and some from my favorite local plan nursery.  But if you’re a rose lover, like myself, you want to see the David Austin Roses!  These beautiful petal packed garden roses are the stuff of dreams and fairytales.  Every bride wanting roses truly would rather garden roses to traditional roses.  As they should, they are AWESOME.  These magical creatures have made it to the United States and are available to order online.

Here are some pictures to swoon your eyes out.  Then I’ll tell you everything you need to know about growing these babies in your Miami garden.

How to Grow Roses in Miami - My Miami Rose Garden How to Grow Roses in Miami - My Miami Rose GardenHow to Grow Roses in Miami - My Miami Rose Garden How to Grow Roses in Miami - My Miami Rose Garden How to Grow Roses in Miami - My Miami Rose Garden How to Grow Roses in Miami - My Miami Rose Garden How to Grow Roses in Miami - My Miami Rose Garden

So you probably noticed how awesome the petals are compared to regular roses.  Garden roses come in more styles and most have much higher petal counts than traditional roses.  I love the cupped shaped garden roses like the Juliet variety.  Now if you venture back in my Instagram feed I have the names of these roses.  But new varieties are constantly being created, so just go to the David Austin Roses website and request a cataloge and see what’s best for your area.

Tips for Growing David Austin Garden Roses or any Roses in Miami

When you order then from the website I highly suggest getting their brand of rose food and if nothing else you MUST get their Mycorrhizal Fungi.

What the heck is Mycorrhizal Fungi, you ask?  It’s black magic that helps your roses deal with the stress of travel and being transplanted.  It helps them grow better and stronger roots, makes them more resistant to stress, and check out this link here for more details.   Just take my word for it, huge difference and for the money you are throwing into these beauties you want to give them every chance in the world of success.

Your roses will be bare rooted when they are shipped to you in a moist large plastic bag.  IMMEDIATELY get some huge plastic bins, like storage bins from Walmart or something.  Pure cool water into them and make sure you cover the entire roots with water.  Let them sit over night max and plant asap!  You don’t want to let them die.  Plant them right away or they will!  Track your shipment and make sure you’ll be home to take care of them.

Use lots of manure and a little bit of garden soil.  Mix that with the rose food.  Use the Mycorrhizal Fungi, by wetting the roots and stick it to them.  Make holes twice as wide and deep as the roots and 18 inches or so apart from each other.

Water them immediately after planting, a LOT for the first few weeks, in growing seasons, and when they look sad (even slightly droopy).  Mulch a lot, keeping at least 2 inches.

After a while you’ll notice happy leaves sprouting!!!  Like below.

How to Grow Roses in Miami - My Miami Rose Garden | David Austin Garden RosesThe site will only ship during the best growing season for your area, so trust them on that.  I do warn you not to order before your growing season, as they can forget to ship your order or whatever.  It’s a small company, so order when you need to plant them.

Now let’s talk about after the season is over and your roses start to look crappy.  Miami actually is so hot roses will go into a type of dormancy in the very hot summer months.  Less leaves and flowers.  Keep that in mind.  We don’t have a winter, but we do have times of the year your plants will not look as nice.  That’s totally OK!

Just keep them watered and when the temperature becomes favorable again, they will come back.

As far as keeping them healthy, I eat a lot of bananas.  Roses love potassium and I give them the peels of the bananas (inside faced DOWN).  Move the mulch over a bit, put them inside of the peel faced down in the dirt, then recover with mulch.  If the baby throws her banana on the floor I’ll also bury it in the dirt by the roses.

I sprinkle Organic Bone Meal around my roses every month or so.  Keep up with rose food depending on what your package says!  If you don’t go with the David Austin one, this is an Organic Rose Food I also use with much success.

Avoiding mold and black spots in Miami, is HARD!  Rainy seasons will drive you mad.  All you can do is your best and what I do is NEVER water the leaves.  Nope!  I have the little button pressed on my hose to keep it on, while on full mode, and sit it right to the ground with the least amount of splashing.  I let it saturate the ground underneath each rose one-by-one.  The button keeps it on, so I can walk away.  I count up to 60 seconds in my head for newly planted roses and up to 45 seconds for a regular day in growing season.  Obviously not so much if at all during rainy days and rainy season.

I only use poison on my non-David Austin Roses when they have an invasion of bugs.  And I only use organic non toxic like THIS or THIS.  If you see some spiders around leave them to get the bugs for you.  The other option is to manually rub the bugs off with a moist sponge gently.  Do this early so the leaves has time to dry.  For other plants I may put the hose on full blast and blast off the bugs section by section, but not a good idea for a rose.

How to Trim your Roses

Trimming your roses is VERY important!!!  It’s the secret to beautiful roses that come back year after year.  First, I want you to remember what your roses looked like when they came to you bare root.  This is a totally appropriate amount of trimming to do at the end of summer, just before growing season in Miami starts.

Other than the big yearly trimming, trim constantly after blooms die.  this is called dead-heading.  You want to trim down to the healthiest set of 5 leaves or more on the steam.  More if it just looks bad for a little ways down.  When leaves begin to look funny or smaller, TRIM. If all else fails, trim.

I was scared to trim so much, but once my roses started to look ugly I finally got the nerve to do it and boy they came back with nice shiny big leaves again!  So you can do this.  You are not looking for a huge plant, just a happy and healthy one.

Even more details on trimming and pruning your roses may be found HERE.

So get to the comments and let me know what you think about my Rose gardening tips!  Do you have any tips for getting beautiful roses?  Share with us in the comments!!!  If you have a link to your rose garden lemme see that too ;)

How to Organize Your Jewelry


When new friends see my bedroom dresser they always comment on how organized my jewelry looks. Today I’m going to share with you how I organize my jewelry and how to organize your jewelry!
How to Organize Your Jewelry
I got the idea to organize my costume and cheaper jewelry when I realized exactly how much of it I had stuffed in random drawers. I never used it. Out of sight, out of mind! While expensive pieces need to be kept hidden, your cheaper pieces should be out where you can see and use it! I had so much stuff that the act of organizing it alone helped me to realize I needed to get rid of most of it. I just never used it, didn’t fit right, nothing matched it, uncomfortable, etc. I just put my most used pieces out and the rest could be put in a jewelry box next to my jewelry stands.
organize braceletsSome great displays for bracelets are HERE, HERE, and HERE!
Organize earringsCheck out these earring organizers HERE, HERE, and HERE.
Organize NecklacesMy favorite necklace displays are HERE, HERE, and HERE.
organize rings For a lot of rings I would recommend this fancy ring organizer box! Other options for ring holders are HERE, HERE, and HERE.
Larger jewelry pieces like watches, brooches, etc. I place on an acrylic tray like this one.
How to Organize Your JewelryIt’s SPRING, I say start your Spring cleaning with your jewelry. It’s been a whole year since I first organized my jewelry like this and I cannot tell you enough how it’s changed everything. I actually wear it now lol! It’s not a lot of stuff, but it is no longer going to waste. My casual daily look is always nicer with a little bit of jewelry to make me feel put together. This is coming from someone that hates putting on jewelry. I just never feel like I have time for it. Organizing it has made it such a quick and painless process.

How will you be organizing your jewelry? Share any tips you have in the comments below!

My Miami Garden – Miami Gardening Tips


I love gardening, even in this difficult Miami climate you can still find lots of flowers and beautiful gardens. Here are some of my first Miami Gardening tips and a mini tour of some of my Miami garden.Miami Garden Tour and Miami Gardening TipsWhen you decide to start gardening in Miami, the first thing you have to deal with is BUGS. We just have tons of pests!!! It’s icky. So I try to look for plants that don’t have a lot of pests and just keep them healthy. I use high pressure on my hose to blast off bugs under leaves and on pant stems. You just have to constantly check them and keep up with it.Miami Gardening Tips | Queens Wreath | Wisteria of FloridaThis is the beginnings of my Queen’s Wreath (aka: Bluebird Vine, Sandpaper Vine, Petrea volubilis, Florida Wisteria). These tiny purple flowers create hanging grape-like clusters and such lovely abundance of purple color for a few months out of the year in Miami. The rest of the time this pretty vine can offer you lovely greenery and shade over a pergola. Miami Gardening Tips | Geisha Girl FlowersGolden Dew Drop (aka: Sky Flower, Pigeon Berry, Duranta erecta ‘Geisha Girl’) this SUPER poisonous bush is loved by bees and butterflies. Just do not let little ones eat any part of it. It’s all poisonous. I love them because they make my bees happy and my butterflies love them. Whatever they love, I love! Miami Gardening | Tips climbing wall vineCreeping Fig (aka: Climbing Fig, Creeping Ficus (Ficus pumila) are great additions to your Miami garden. I just planted a few to begin covering the back concrete wall in my backyard. It will make a nice lush green backdrop and cover up that dull wall. Miami Gardening Tips | Mayer Lemon Tree
I’m half Persian, so I LOVE lemons and limes! I learned the hard way that you don’t want to plant citrus trees directly in the ground in Miami. It takes years and year and years before they will grow and mature enough to flower and fruit. The roots need to establish first, remember that. Also they are full of pests and it’s hard to keep them healthy in the ground. I found buying a HUGE pot from Costco or Home Depot is the best way. Not plastic pots please! In less than a year I already have my first flower buds!!!! Amazing! The roots established and since the entire tree is contained when it gets pests I’m on top of it and rip off any leaves with those bugs that dig inside them and use the hose at high pressure to clean off any bugs sticking to the stem or hiding under leaves. I do this every watering or at least once a week just to keep up with the bugs. You don’t want to let it go too long because it can get out of hand fast! The one in the ground got so invested it will just need to be cut down. Never let it get to that point. I don’t use sprays or chemicals. Just some good old organic citrus fertilizer.Miami Gardening Tips | Aloe FlowersI had no idea Aloe had flowers! Not only that, but they are pretty! The bees are not the only ones that love these flowers. There is this tiny little bird that is all over them every morning and evening. The cutest little bird ever with a little yellow under it’s cute belly. Only the little guy is too fast and I haven’t been able to get a photo yet. This is right below one of our windows so we get to watch him pretty close up without him knowing. Miami Gardening Tips | Aloe Flowers and BeeAll I can say is that if you’re looking for plants and you see bees all over them, BUY THEM!!!! You owe it to the environment and our precious bees. They keep making hybrids of flowers that look fuller and better to us, but the bees will not touch them. So do not buy these horrible abominations. Buy flowers that are bee approved! Miami Gardening Tips | Succulents Succulents are great for Miami. I just bought one of these for $1 or $2 and ignored them. They flower sometimes and have tons of little babies everywhere. You cannot go wrong. They are lovely year round. Miami Gardening Tips | Ground Orchids Want something to add some color but is SUPER low maintenance? Ground orchids are your friends! They come in lots of colors and once established (did not take long at all) will pretty much always have flowers. Like always. The neighbor across the street has some that are huge and ALWAYS blooming purple flowers. So get a bunch and landscape with them. Trust me!!!

Next gardening post I’m going to be talking about roses!!! Oh and David Austin Garden Roses!!! Yes yes yesssss!!! Eventurally once it’s all in full bloom I’ll do an official garden tour.
So what’s growing in your garden? What are your favorite low maintenance flowering plants? Share any Miami gardening tips in the comments! I would love to hear them!

Classic Leather Jackets


Every girl needs this staple in their wardrobe, the classic leather jacket! I’m looking for one for next winter since I like to take my time and buy wardrobe staples when I don’t need them immediately. Here are some of my current favorites. I personally don’t like leather jackets that are not fitted properly, look funny open, and have bits that touch my neck. I spent all last weekend trying on jacket after jacket only to always find something wrong with them. Usually the zippers didn’t work properly or if it had buttons, they were a pain. Even $1000+ jackets with bad zippers. So sad. Attention fashion designers!!! Use quality zippers!!! I saw the most perfect nude/light pink leather fitted and fabulous jacket, but the zipper would constantly get stuck. It was horrible. No one wants to spend that kind of money on something that doesn’t work correctly.
How to choose a classic leather jacket for women
Now when I look for a leather jacket I try to stay away from trends as much as possible. I am willing to spend a lot of money and even ignore designer labels just to get exactly what I want. I love putting my hands in my jacket pockets, so I’ll always prefer good pockets on a jacket. Oh those that are zippered pockets really anger me! Or those pockets that are not really meant for hands…why so mean jacket?

I had a bunch in faux leather, and while I’m all for saving the animals, some things just need to be real leather. Your couch and your jacket. But there are many great faux leather option nowadays too. They are just not for me since I don’t want to constantly replace my jacket each year. If you are totally against leather, I would prefer going with a jean jacket. A nice one will stand up to good use and still be causal chic for years to come. If you do have the money to buy a faux jacket each year and don’t mind that, it’s a great way to get to try out lots of different styles and fads for less.

Here are some of my current favorites:

OK this one is AMAZING!!! Am I right? Love the color. ::dies::

I’m not currently feeling the double breasted jacket look (or asymmetrical). I say this only because I feel it may be a fad and be over with eventually. I prefer to purchase something expensive, but that will stand the test of time. That means looks great open too! It just isn’t cold enough in FL to need to keep your jacket constantly closed. This look only works well when the jacket is closed and while that is needed and great for a long winter coat, it’s a bit much for a jacket. To me, it looks messy open and bulky in most styles closed. Of course if you still love the look, here’s one that I think is super cute.

Here’s another that’s Faux Leather

Get to the comments and let me know which one I should get, or which one you want! Ahh!!! I can’t decide!

Nars Cosmetics Promo and Favorites


Nars Cosmetics Promo and Favorites

Nars Cosmetics Promo Offer | Nars Cosmetics Promo and Favorites

Complimentary Shipping & Returns on Any Order

My fave finds from Nars Cosmetics

Orgasm Blush Nars Cosmetics

Orgasm Blush

A cult classic! Beauty bloggers everywhere agree this blush is flattering on all skin tones and a staple for makeup artists.

Turkish Delight Nars Lipgloss

Turkish Delight Lipgloss

This lipgloss was made famous for the classic nude lip on Kim Kardashian. This shade is a light nude without simmer and I love it over liner and lipstick. It gives you that fuller glossy look.

Kim Kardashian in Turkish Delight Nars LipglossKim Kardashian in Turkish Delight Nars Lipgloss

Zen Blush Nars Cosmetics

Zen Blush

This is my fave contour blush! I use it along with Orgasm to enhance my near non-exsistant cheekbones.

Nars Cosmetics Promo Offer

Complimentary Shipping & Returns on Any Order

Diptyque Skincare Review After 3 Months


Diptyque Skincare Review After 3 Months continued use. Before I made this big purchase, I research online. While I did find reviews, many were sponsored and I could tell there was no way they could review this line this week and another skin care line the next. While those reviews were helpful enough to get me to purchase, I wanted to give you my honest, non-sponsored review.
Diptyque Skin Care Review after 3 months
Now I’ll start off by saying what sold me was how these amazing products SMELL! No parabans + heavenly scents = yes please!!!

I’m a big fan of the Diptyque brand and always have a steady supply of their candles and perfumes (that’s another review to come!). Naturally when I heard they were releasing a skincare line I got excited. I found tons of reviews, then they offered some samples sizes with a candle order and I got to try them out! The samples were tiny, but I already knew I had to have the entire line. I ordered every single product and happily waited for them to arrive.

Infused Facial Water for the Face REVIEW

Diptyque Infused Facial Water for the Face Review

nfused Facial water by diptyque soothes, moisturizes and prepares your skin to withstand the day thanks to its natural formula. Damask rose hydrosol infused with nasturtium brings out your complexion’s natural radiance while a blend of nine traditional plants and flowers combine with vitamins and minerals to moisturize your face while giving it the nourishment it needs.
5 oz.
By diptyque; made in France.

My Thoughts

I LOVE IT!!!! The smell is amazing! I have highly sensitive dry and acne prone skin. My skin loves this. The scent, the results, the lack of chemicals and parabens. What’s not to love? I mix a little with the balm, use it at a toner, and use it as a toner. I really love it as a floral mist after peels, microdermabrasion, and serious scrubs. I think I’ll be using this as long as they make it. I really loved to purchase products that are all natural with very little toxic chemical ingredients. This is a high end option that somehow seems to do more for me than other floral toners and mists.

Diptyque Multi-Use Exfoliating Clay for the Face Review

Diptyque Multi-Use Exfoliating Clay for the Face Review

Purify and detox your skin with an exfoliating clay mask by diptyque that’s formulated to leave your skin glowing and beautiful. Its blend of white clay and marble, rice and oat powders are designed to activate when mixed with water to remineralize your skin while flushing away toxins. Additional touches of apricot kernel oil, vitamins and trace minerals provide moisturizing and energizing benefits.
3.4 oz.
By diptyque; made in France.

My Thoughts

The smell again, another win! These products are aromatherapy if nothing else. Oh so lovely! It’s not a rough scrub. You can easily use this scrub daily and let on as a mask treatment now and then. No irritation, no problem! Great daily scrub and perfect when I’m a little flaky. When I break out I leave it on longer as a mask. It’s fun to use and something you start to look forward too just like the facial water. When I need extra scrubbing, however, I use my One Love Organics One Love Organics Brand New Day Microderma Scrub and Masque and mix it with it. If you want something even MORE scrubbing, get yourself a microdermabrasion treatment. TRUST ME! Does the job quick, but doesn’t cause damage like a lot of super harsh scrubs out there do.

Nourishing Cleansing Balm for the Face Review

Nourishing Cleansing Balm for the Face Review

Remove all traces of makeup while cleansing and nourishing your skin with diptyque Nourishing Cleansing balm. Its natural formula is enriched with oils and waxes to soften and cleanse your skin, while vitamins A, C and E give you an extra healthy boost.
3.5 oz.
By diptyque; made in France.

My Thoughts

You may be shocked, but again THE SMELL!!! WOW!!! Haha, anyhow, it really gets off my war-paint on heavy eye makeup days. Waterproof mascara is no match for this. I mix it with the Infused Facial Water and warm it up in my hands and then work it into my face gently. Takes a bit time to wash off, but my day’s makeup is gone and my skin feels nice and moisturized. This is a must-have for me since I use a lot of eye makeup. If you’re in really harsh winters you should try this even if you don’t use makeup. It’s gentle and great for dehydrated winter skin.

Diptyque Radiance Boosting Powder Review

Diptyque Radiance Boosting Powder Review

Cleanses and clarifies skin for greater radiance.
Moisten hands and face with warm water. Place one dose (approximately a half-teaspoon) in cupped palm and work the powder into a creamy lather with the ball. Gently massage face with small, circular movements, avoiding the eye area. Rinse with warm water or soak a washcloth in warm water and gently wipe.
1.4 OZ.
By diptyque; made in France.

My Thoughts

The little circle black sponge thing is rough. I’m OK with scrubbing and such, but I’m just letting you know upfront. This would be best for oily skin. Mine is on the dry side so this really does nothing for me. I do use it sometimes after the balm when I want to get off the moisturizing feeling to use a treatment or whatever after. The smell again is nice, but I would say this is better suited for young and oily skin types.


Diptyque Protective Moisturizing Lotion for the Face with added SPF 15 Review

Moisturize and protect your skin while giving it that healthy glow you love with benefits to block the sun’s harsh rays. It’s formulated with damask rose floral hydrosol to refresh skin, orange blossom to stimulate the production of hyaluronic acid and five floral, leaf and root extracts; calendula; and omegas 3, 6 and 9 to give your skin the comfort, strength and vitamins it deserves.
1.7 oz.
By diptyque; made in France.

My Thoughts

I used this for a while, but then I switch back to my normal moisturizer, Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream. I use a separate SPF that is tinted and stronger. While I did enjoy the scent, I still preferred the Rose Day Cream. When I ran out of it, I just never repurchased. It’s still a great option and I love the scent and ingredients.
Hope you found my Diptyque skin care review helpful in making your decision. Some really great ones here! If nothing else at least get yourself the Diptyque Infused Facial Water for the Face! But I really love the Balm and the Clay too! It’s hard, I know.

All Diptyque Skin Care Products are Available at NORDSTROM!
NORDSTROM - Expert Tips for Easy Skincare

Get to the comments and let me know what you think about Diptyque’s skin care line. Any of these products caught your eyes? Err, your nose?

What to Know Before You Get a Lovebird


Lovebirds are adorable, come in many colors and varieties and are the subject of poetry and songs. They are the sweetest little feathered friends you could ask for, but before you run off and buy one you have to know the following and get some gear ready to go.
what to know before you get a lovebird

What to know before you get a Lovebird

Before you purchase your Lovebird here are some things you should know about your feathered pal. Not all type of Lovebirds is it possible to distinguish sex based on appearance. This means if you want to know the sex of your bird you may have to pay for a DNA test. Around here it will set you back $40. Sizes range from 4″, as in the Fischer’s, to 7″, as in the Peachfaced. Weights generally range from 50-60 grams and females tend to be larger than the males, and for the most part, more aggressive as well. Do not worry about biting in the beginning as this is a sign of fear and there are easy ways to train your new Lovebird not to bite and to trust you. However, if you want to make the process easier I suggest going to multiple places and holding Lovebirds until you find one that doesn’t shake much or at all and doesn’t bite you. Usually younger birds will be your best bet. Personally, I went to several places and handled over 10 birds until I found one that was very calm with me and did not bite. I purchased mine at the Aviary Nursery in Cauley Square. Again, if you’re set on a specific color patter, etc. but the bird you find bites and is scared, it just takes some patience and proper training to fix that.

Lovebirds usually live from 10-15 years. Lovebirds can live to be anywhere from 15 to 20 years allthough some may live to be 30 years old. Please make sure you can invest the time, money, and patience it requires to care for a Lovebird before you purchase. You will also need to do frequent wing and nail clippings. For a Lovebird that is around $5.

Contrary to popular belief it is a myth that Lovebirds need to be kept in pairs! However, they do need to have a strong bond with someone, so if you only purchase one bird make sure that strong bond is formed with you. That’s the nice part of buying only one bird, it will be more likely to bond strongly with you and more inclined to learn to speak a few words and do tricks. This does mean daily handling of your bird and spending time with them.

If you work all day, I would advise against a Lovebird as they need daily contact and sleep from sunset to sunrise. If you get home after dark it will be hard to spend enough time with your bird. Please consider this and make sure you have plenty of daytime time to spend with your Lovebird. When not home try leaving a radio on for your Lovebird to feel less longly and perhaps learn a few new sounds and words.

Cages for your Lovebird

Sleep is very important and as a basic rule cover their cage and let them sleep from sunset to sunrise in a quiet place. I have a cage on wheels so I may easily move the cage from the living room to a quiet dark bedroom to not disturb the bird while trying to sleep. A good size cage for a single lovebird is 18X18 and at least 24X24 or more for a pair. The bigger, the better! Here are some of my favorite cages:

Park Plaza Bird Cage Color: Pewter
Signature Series Royalty Small Bird Cage Color: White
Signature Series Large Bird Cage Color: Chalk White
Signature Series Select Small Bird Cage Color: Sage Green

My FAVORITE Cage for single lovebird is this one (in Sage Green)! It comes in so many fun colors too! I have it in white. My lovebird is crazy happy about it and loves having the perch above the cage to get a view from up high of her surroundings.

Another option is a portable perch, so your bird can hangout with you at your desk or on your coffee table as you watch tv. Here is a nice one or:

Deluxe Bird Play Stand with Wood Perch Color: Platinum

Remember that before you put your lovebird into a cage to remove the wood perches that come with the cage. They are very bad for lovebirds!!! Replace them with a few natural perches. Be prepared to replaces these natural perches often as the bird will ware them out over time.
Some branch perches:
Here, Here, and Here. Be sure they also have at least one pumice perch to file down their claws and beak like this one.

Be sure to always have at least 4 toys for your bird in their cage. You’ll need to rotate these toys weekly or at least monthly to keep them from getting bored. They will need a shredding toy, rope toys, swing, shinny or mirror toy, etc. Only give toys specific to birds as many materials contain toxins such as toilet paper rolls, newspapers, etc. Be safe and only use toys specific to birds. The adhesives used in many materials are toxic.

Here are some good toys for your Lovebird:
Shredding Toys: 1 | 2 | 3
Hanging, Swinging and Activity Toys: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
Crinkle Toys: 1 | 2 | 3
Mirror Toys: 1 | 2 | 3
Hide Out Toys: 1 | 2 | 3

Warnings for Lovebirds

Keep their cage away from air vents and heaters! Be sure to keep them away from the kitchen as cooking fumes, smoke, and especially using Teflon pans may injure or kill them. If you must cook with Teflon pan, first note there are other safer options like this, this, or this. But if you still use it do so with the windows open and move your bird to another room for a few hours after you are done cooking. Be sure to not leave the pan for a second as to never let whatever you are cooking over heat or burn. An over heated pan (or burning of anything) is the most dangerous for your bird.
Avocado is reported to be potentially toxic.

Foods to feed your Lovebird

ZuPeem FruitBlend Premium Daily Bird Food – daily except Tuesdays/Thursdays

Seed mix for Lovebirds – Tuesdays/Thursdays

Daily you’ll also want to add some of the following healthy foods (without seasonings or oils, etc.), organic is recommend due to toxins used in non organic food pesticides. Be sure not to use the same foods too often and vary their diet daily for optimum health. Keep trying foods they won’t eat, give them a chance to get a taste for them. Go with veggies daily, and add some fruits every now and then.

– scrambled Eggs
– silver beets
– red and green bell peppers
– broccoli
– dandelion flowers
– corn on the cob or corn kernels (non GMO)
– chick weed
– banana
– apple
– celery
– mung beans
– snow peas
– cherries (not the pit)
– pear
– apricots
– bok choy
– peas
– pineapple
– beans (cooked)
– lima
– lentils
– cucumber
– plum
– pomegranate
– potato
– endive
– pumpkin
– fig
– grapes
– raspberries
– grapefruit
– cooked brown rice
– soy
– kale
– romaine lettuce
– beet
– kiwi
– spinach
– blueberry
– melons
– sprouted seeds
– mango
– squash
– brussel sprouts
– nectarines
– strawberry
– cantaloupe
– papaya
– tomato
– carrot
– parsnip
– zucchini
– carrot tops
– peaches

Additional proteins can be offered such as nuts. Try some unshelled peanuts as well as hazelnuts, walnuts, Brazil nuts, and chestnuts. Lovebirds drink a lot of water, so will need fresh drinking water every day.

Getting your lovebird used to you after bringing it home

The following tips from from The Parrot Whisperer.
Taming your lovebird may not be difficult, but expect it to take a lot of time. Taming your lovebird is a huge commitment both during and after the taming process. Once tame, your lovebird will require your attention daily. These are very demanding birds. So again if you do not have the time to devote to your bird I suggest getting a pair and just having them for viewing enjoyment. A tamed lovebird will develop psychological problems if you fail to meet its emotional demands. They are monogamous, which means they mate for life. They will need to interact with you as must as possible.

To begin taming, let your lovebird get used to it’s new home. A nervous bird needs time to adjust and understand its surroundings. Let the bird locate its food and water dishes, reduce anxiety, and feel secure and confident about this new environment. This usually takes around two weeks. A good sign the lovebird is feeling comfortable is how it acts. A nervous and unsure bird will sit still on its perch. Before the taming process can begin it is important your bird feels secure about its environment. This means the bird will not flutter or show signs of intimidation while you are in its room (It will go about its business while you are present).

Placing the budgie in a busy room is ideal to start the taming process. Many times they are placed in quiet rooms upon their arrival, but if you look at the bigger picture this technique is counterproductive. A bird that has been separated will have to readjust to humans and this causes excessive stress. A busy room will help speed the taming process and will help the bird understand that humans are not predators. In a sense, you are conditioning your new bird for human interaction.

Once the bird has learned to accept your presence and it is active around you, you may start to gently open the cage door and place your hand inside the cage. This needs to be done consistently and regularly throughout the day until the bird can handle your hand inside the cage. During this processes of taming, avoid eye contact and sudden movements. They may flutter around the cage but do not react! This exercise needs to be done until the bird shows no fear of your hand. It can take weeks or days. Just be consistent and practice doing this often throughout the day.

Once the parakeet can confidently deal with the presence of your hand inside its cage, gently take your finger and try to make the bird step up on your finger. Most lovebird will jump and cling to the cage bars. Try to position your finger below the breast line and gently push up. It is important you not jerk your hand back during this stage. If you have a fear of getting bitten, then use a dowel. The bird needs to step up on your finger and needs to remain there for a while. Do not try to get remove the bird once this is finally achieved. Just let it remain on your finger or dowel as long as possible before it returns to another perch. Again, this needs to be practiced until the bird can do this without hesitation.

Once it it used to stepping up on a dowel, using the dowel more your finger to nearly the end of the dowel. Leave only an inch or two for the bird to step on to. Once the bird achieves this, remove the dowel and use your finger alone. This takes a lot of time and patience.

If your bird is stepping up on your finger inside its cage, then slowly try to coax him outside the cage while he is on your finger. Do not be surprised if the bird decides to quickly head for a perch or the cage bars. Just continue trying to coax him outside the cage. Once out, you can take the bird into a room that is not familiar, such as a small bathroom, While in this unfamiliar room, try giving your bird a treat. You might try step ups or just gently holding him on your finger while you recite nursery rhymes. During this process keep your voice soothing and mellow.

For more great video with tips on taming, training and all things birds…check out this YouTube page for the Parrot Whisperer.

Good luck with your new lovebird buddy! Get to the comments and let me know if you found these tips helpful. Here’s some pix of my new lovebird, Fifi!
what to know before you get a lovebird
what to know before you get a lovebird

Friday Free People Picks


Free People Womens Festival Bodice Mini
Some of my Friday Free People picks that I’ve been eyeing lately. How cute are these flowy fun finds?! The black dress I literally just bought and cannot wait to blog it sometime soon. I absolutely love the look!
Free People Womens Russian Circles Dress
Free People Womens Black Dove Dress
Free People Womens Bellflower Tall Sandal
For Love & Lemons Womens Lolo Lace Fit and Flare Dress
Free People Womens Commemorative Bell Sleeve Dress
Intimately Womens Outlined High Low Cami
Intimately Womens Voile and Lace Trapeze Slip
Intimately Womens French Courtship Slip
Free People Womens Floral Foil Print Swing Tunic
Get to the comments and let me know your favorite Friday Free People pick!
Sky Bell

Paula Dorf’s Perfect Color


Paula Dorf’s Perfect Color in Ecstasy

I recently received Paula Dorf’s Perfect Color in Ecstasy to try. Check it out!
Paula Dorf's Perfect Color in Ecstasy
This multi-tasker may be used for eyes, lips and cheeks. Light and creamy in flattering shades, it’s convenient for on the go application.

Paula Dorf is famous for unique “trick” products that offer solutions to every woman’s makeup concerns, such as Transformer® (from eye shadow to liquid liner), Perfect Illusion® for lips (ends feathering lips), Perfect Illusion® for eyes (smoothes skin), Perfect Primer® (keeps foundation fresh), Enhancer® baby eyes (brightens eyes) and Clean-Up Stick® (erases makeup mistakes).
Paula Dorfs Perfect Color in Ecstasy Paula Dorfs Perfect Color in EcstasySeen in the latest issues of In Style, Allure, Harper’s Bazaar and Elle and on celebrities including Jessica Simpson, Sandra Bullock, Debra Messing and Reneé Zellweger, Paula’s products are constantly embraced as industry favorites.
Paula Dorfs Perfect Color in Ecstasy

I used Ecstasy on my cheeks and lips.  It was a very powdery finish. Great for adding color on the go!

With each readers purchase, receive the gift of mini No Color Glimmer, a gorgeously soft, lightweight powder to complete your look! The perfect accent to Ecstasy.

Paula Dorf is giving away a makeup kit full of some of our favorite products! Have your readers can enter for a chance to win this Paula Dorf makeup kit ($125 value) here!

Let me know what you think of Paula Dorf’s Perfect Color in Ecstasy in the comments!

Ladurée Miami Beach Review


Ladurée Miami Beach Review

This is the most awesome thing to happen to Miami in a while and yet the locals are not waiting in line to get some of these amazing dainty bites of heaven? Here’s my long awaited Ladurée Miami Beach review, so you know exactly what to expect.
Ladurée Miami Beach Review
The bad, this is ONLY Macarons. They offer so many wonderful treats in their other locations we really did get the short end of the stick. That being said, not many places in the USA have access to any Laduree, so we should be excited.

I feel if they found a bigger location and offered all their treats this would be a BIG DEAL in Miami. You can’t go in and sit anywhere. It’s just pick up and go. No room to walk around and see anything else. No chairs to relax. Nothing. Get your macarons and get out. If it were a more trafficked area perhaps that wouldn’t be an issue. It’s just right at the beginning of Lincoln road by the movie theater. Jam it in between some restaurants and I could see a lot more people noticing it and lining up.
Ladurée Miami Beach Review
AMAZING! The Strawberry ones ( I had two different varieties)…they were both fabulous), the Marie Antoinette (good, like tea and jam), the Rose (yummy!), the Orange Blossom (WHAT?! It tastes like perfume only in in an awesome way…like in a you better try this now way), the Pistachio (mmm nutty and wonderful)…

I hope to go back and try more. My favorites where the two kinds of strawberries, orange blossom, and pistachio.

Rose is my favorite flavor ever, but it tasted exactly like my rose macarons. Which are not as pretty, but still it’s something I can make regularly.
Ladurée Miami Beach Review
In conclusion….
Go there! Tell your friends. Bitch at them to get a BIGGER location. It’s like being married to the hottest guy on Earth, but you’re not allowed to touch him. That’s how I feel about having a Ladurée with only some of their famous treats.

They are $2.80 each. It is worth it? Well it’s worth it for the experience. You’ll want to eat them slowly. I absolutely love the packaging! The last time I went back it was packaged in a cute gold pineapple box. How fancy?!


1118 Lincoln Road
33139 Miami


Tél. : +1 786 275 6621
Email :

Have your gone to the Ladurée Miami Beach location or another? What did you think? Which was your favorite macaron flavor? Get to the comments and let me know!

Sky Bell

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